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My Favorite Halloween Inspired Ideas

Halloween is this week and oh the fun to be had!  If you scroll through Pinterest or visit any of the home or Halloween stores, you are sure to find so many creative ideas for this spirited day.  Today I’m sharing some of my current favorite Halloween ideas with you!

Decorating the Pumpkin

There are countless ways to decorate pumpkins these days beyond carving traditional jack-o-lanterns, and I just love the idea of decorating pumpkins using tulle, festive ribbon, markers, paint and glitter.  You could do this with your natural pumpkins or even faux pumpkins (find at your local hobby and craft stores) to reuse year after year.

Creative Halloween Treats

There are many Halloween treat possibilities for school and family parties, but I loved these adorable (& healthy) ideas from Crafty Morning below… and a favorite in our family are Ghost Sucker Treats…My daughter shares a tutorial on how your kiddos can make these, on our other Blog, Kai Kai Brai.

Decorate the Front Door

I really like the idea of decorating the front door for Halloween night to give trick or treaters something fun and festive to greet them as they visit door-to-door.  It really isn’t a ton of work to do, and would be a fun idea if you live in a subdivision or close-knit community to coordinate a neighborhood “front-door Halloween decorating contest.”

Treat Bowl Tradition

I like to add a bit of tradition to the holidays and Halloween is no different… a fun idea is to use the same festive treat bowl to greet your visitors each year …little touches like these become memorable and can be passed down through the generations.  I also love the idea of painting your own Halloween treat bowl at a pottery studio too…how special and festive that would be to use every year.

Personalized Monster Bowl | Trick or Treat Bowl |  Witches Brew Bowl 

Dressing Up without “dressing up”

Anyone else like to dress-up Halloween festive for your kiddos’ school parties and trick or treat night, without having to go in a full-on costume?.. There are so many cute ways to dress up your fashion to look spirited and stylish that day… here’s some cute items I found, all on Amazon Prime.

Halloween Pumpkin Shirt | Orange under-shirt | Socks | Earrings | Bracelet | Purse

Family-Themed Costumes

I absolutley love family costumes but have found there’s a small window of time when our kiddos really want to participate in a family-themed costume (it’s just not cool as they get older ;)… here’s a couple gems from my family’s Halloweens’ past when we went as a “Frightful Family (+ an Elsa”…the little one has a mind of her own..) and “Zombie Football”.

Oh…I could go on and on with Halloween ideas!  I hope you grabbed a few new ones from my post and I’m sharing even more on my Pinterest Halloween Board…follow me there!

Happy Halloween!

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Jaime Lyn Life by Design Magnolia Silos

My Fall Front Door Decor

With every new season, I love to admire how people decorate the exterior of their homes with the current spirit of the season.  I really appreciate the styling and creative effort people put into expressing themselves, and how they welcome guests into their homes.  I thought it would be fun to share the front entrance of my own home with you, so you can see how I decorated this Fall!

I like to decorate my home by adding subtle touches of the season in with my everyday decor…I think this tends to create a “less is more” feel and allows select, seasonal pieces to really stand out.  Also because I’m a busy mom and work full time, I like to keep my decorating time and effort into perspective, especially when this kind of decor is only on display for a month or two at most.  I find that if I allow myself one day each season to decorate, I really cherish that day as a special time to relax and get into the spirit.  I also feel my finished look tends to have just the right amount of the season I want on display, without my home feeling too overwhelmed.  With that being said, that’s just me… design your home for you… for your joy… you are the one who spends the most time in your home, so decorate as much or as little as your time, your budget, your space, and your spirit wills you to do.

Onto my front entrance…

I like to use pieces in my decor that can stay in use all year long, then add in seasonal pieces to display the spirit of that particular season.  At my front door, I have these two rocker chairs and a neutral Home Sweet Home rug, and two planters that stay out all year long… they are perfect because I can easily change the look by adding in seasonal flowers and decor to create a festive, new look each season I redecorate the space.

For Fall, I placed two beautiful burgundy mums inside my planters, and two smaller pots of yellow mums below them, on the step.  I added two Fall pillows to my chairs, and an arrangement of mini hay bales and unique gourds from my son’s farmers market, to frame the rug.  I finished by adding a pretty Fall foliage wreath on my front door… and easily, my look is complete… budget friendly, time conscious, welcoming, festive, and speaks to my soul with the essence of this beautiful season!…mission accomplished!

The look also transforms nicely at dusk…cozy and inviting!

I can easily swap this look out for the next season too… for Christmas, I could add poinsettias to my planters, Christmas pillows to my chairs, some cute winter decorations on the step, and a beautiful holiday wreath with a festive bow hung on my door.  I could even add some twinkling lights and garland around my front door frame and this entrance would be transformed from Fall Festive to a Winter Wonderland Welcome to my home.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my Fall Front Door Entrance.  You can shop some similar pieces  below…


** Your front porch or front entrance is also a great place for Fall Family Photos! **

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New Condo Staging  |  Pier 1 Harvest Decor  |  Rebel Magnolia’s Fall Flea Market  |   Downtown Shopping at Gray’s Furniture  |  Farmhouse Style  |  and My Trip To Magnolia Market, Waco TX!

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I hope you are enjoying this beautiful season, friends!