Happy New Year & My 2019 Outlook

Happy New Year to all of you!…this can be such a pivotal moment in time for many of us as we reflect on the past year and look forward to the possibilities of the new year. Some people come up with a significant word or a phrase to help guide them through their new year; a new outlook or hopeful way of living their lives for the next 365 days. For me, this is the first year I have struggled a bit in knowing whole heartedly what I aim for in the new year… my Christmas decorations are still staring at me like I’m holding onto the holidays until I figure out this great master plan (I’m tackling that today I swear!)  I’ve been tossing around thoughts for days, but I’ve felt torn between what I feel needs to be done this year, and what I want to do with my time.  Many of you know me personally, but for those who don’t…I have 4 kids who I adore and are incredibly busy, who I truly want to be there for, for anything and everything they need of me… I am married to an overly-ambitious husband  (who I also adore 😉 ) who does not pass up many opportunities, like he needs to pack in as much in this lifetime as fathomley possible (which generally I’m up for too, and heavily support the effort)… and beyond this blog, my design work, and my business with my daughters, the majority of my daily work life is spent at our offices where I do the accounting for our businesses, manage various properties, and all the other necessary things that come with being a business owner (most of which are completely unglamorous and I won’t bore you with.)…  And like most moms, wives, & women… I want to be everywhere at once, think I can do it all, should do it all, I’m surely capable of doing it all… and at the end of the day, end of each year… tend to feel a great sense of accomplishment mixed in with a balance of some unrealistic failure, feeling exhilarated and exhausted all at the same time.. wrapped up in one mind, body, spirit package of a woman…

So today as I look at these Christmas decorations (that I’m totally over looking at)…and all the yet-to-be-filled tubs, a year of go-go-go behind me, and explore all the open possibilities and opportunities that could lie ahead for the new year… I think, maybe instead of some epic idea of what to strive for or change in this new year… I might just need to take a breath… like a really good, long inhale and exhale.. and enter the new year fresh with just the simple intention of being present for the journey… to not see life as moments of obligations, schedules, lists, and goals that need to be met… but rather see life as moments of cherished blessings that make up the hours, that make up the days, that make up the years, that make up the life that needs to be experienced.  This year… I’m going to really strive to focus on intentionally being present for wherever I am in each moment… work like crazy while I’m at work, pour my heart into my family when we’re home, sing to the heavens while cooking and doing laundry (ok that’s not going to happen and is a complete stretch of anyone’s logical imagination… but you get my point)… and essentially, strive to take in and truly enjoy all the epic, life-changing, amazing moments, and all the every-day, ho-hum mundane moments too… because at the end of the day, at the end of each passing year, those blessed moments are our lives.  So… intentionally be present for the journey.

What are your new year words, phrases, or resolutions (if you select such a thing) to help guide your new year?  I would love to hear!  Happy New Year to all of you and thank you for following me and allowing me the space to share a little bit of myself with you.  Now onto those Christmas decorations… wish me luck!

Happy New Year to all of you! ~ Jaime Lyn

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My Home at Christmas

Merry Christmas!  I love this time of the holiday season when everything is finally ready, and it’s time to really just take a deep breath and enjoy the next couple of days of relaxation and celebration with family.  Some of you may have completed your holiday preparations days or weeks ago, but I usually slide into Christmas like I’m late to a party… but, every single year it all comes together just in time for me to wake up early Christmas Eve morning to spend some quiet moments to reflect on the past weeks of preparation, and anticipate the coming days of excitement.  For all of you who have used your time, talents, and heart to festively prepare your homes for the holidays, to build long-lasting traditions for your families, and to create memorable moments for your loved ones… I say, cheers to you!  You made it!  Now take your own deep breath, and enjoy every moment of this Christmas!

I wanted to share a little peek into my own home decorated for Christmas…some of these photos taken during my favorite time of the day, when all is quiet and dark, lit only by Christmas light.  I hope you enjoy…Merry Christmas!

This year I decorated my own Christmas tree… I feel like such a grown up saying that…but if you have kids you know what I mean.  Our only Christmas tree for a number of years has been the kids’ tree.. filled with their own home and school-made ornaments, randomly placed wherever they choose (as I sit on my hands and remind myself that I will NOT completely redecorate it when they go to bed)… every year it turns out beautifully and just how it was meant to be in our living room.  But this year, I thought I’d decorate one of my own trees in our foyer, a spot I always thought would be the perfect place for a tree. I had fun with this snow-covered tree, and think it was a nice addition to an area that greets guests into our home.

The kids’ tree turned out so pretty… It always amazes me how an assortment of mix matched, homemade ornaments filled with memories and meaning can truly be one of the prettiest areas in our home… and is the focal point of our Christmas, as it’s the first thing my kids see when they look over the upstairs railing on Christmas morning, to see if Santa came… it’s these sights I hope they will always remember of Christmas time from their childhood.

The tree they wanted…

The tree they got…

My staircases are areas when I designed my home that I knew I would really enjoy decorating at Christmas time.  I love the ambiance and the festive feel they bring to my home at night and on early mornings during this season.  I’m always a little sad when I take this decor down after the new year, missing that extra bit of coziness it adds.

We host Christmas Dinner every year, and like my Thanksgiving Dinner Table I blogged about in November, I like our Christmas dinner to feel festive and special for the day.  My Mom bought me these Christmas dishes years ago and every year, I love pulling them out and using them for our meal.

I like adding new decorative pieces to our home each year, and really enjoy receiving special gifts for our home as well. My mother in-law made us this beautiful cocoa bar centerpiece to make some decked-out hot chocolate drinks this winter…how adorable is this!

And each year my kiddos receive a new Christmas decoration from their grandmothers to add to their collections… My mom gives my kids each a new Nutcracker and tree ornament they pick out with her on their annual trip to Bronner’s each year, and my husband’s mom gives each of my kids a new Snow Globe each year on Thanksgiving Day.  They look forward to receiving these treasures and growing their own personal collections.  My oldest daughter also decided this year to start collecting her very own Village from Department 56 and is excited to add to it each year…she is only 12 so by the time she moves out one day, she will have a beautiful collection from over the years to begin decorating her own home.  These special gifts are great keepsakes and rich in tradition that my kids really enjoy receiving.

There you have it… a few areas of my home decorated for the holidays…I hope you enjoyed taking a look around.  Merry Christmas to you and thank you for following along with me here on my blog.  I have a lot of great ideas for the coming new year, so stay tuned!  Wishing you all of the blessings of this beautiful holiday!

From my Family to Yours… Merry Christmas!



A “Buffalo Plaid” Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving is a wrap, it’s time to really get into the Christmas spirit.  I spent some time over my long weekend taking down my harvest decor, (including my Thanksgiving Table..if you missed that post check out all those details here) and began decorating for Christmas…I love this time of year!  Each year there seems to be a new or revived Christmas decor theme or look that I see is all the rage, and this year as I’ve been in the stores, browsed my favorite online shops, and scoured Pinterest, the look is definitely Buffalo Plaid!

…it’s everywhere ladies and you don’t have to live in the mountains to pull off this cozy rustic look in your home.  You can go all-out and make this the overall theme for your home’s Christmas decor this year, or simply add subtle details in with your favorite Christmas pieces of the past, to embrace this style.  Here are some ideas and examples for how you can include Buffalo Plaid decor and style into your Christmas decor this season…

The Christmas Tree

Use patterned ribbon and ornaments for a festive way to add this buffalo plaid look into your tree.  I love all the other red accents that bring the look together in these two trees below…the red lanterns, berries, and poinsettas are great accents.

How gorgeous and colorful is this tree with Buffalo Plaid ribbon, red berries and lanterns, and various other traditional ornaments…just loving how the Buffalo Plaid sets off the unique look on this Christmas tree!


I loved this entire look at a floral and gift shop in Alma, Michigan called Tom Billig Flowers & Gifts using Buffalo Plaid ornaments, and bows with plaid and solid black ribbons.

Your Christmas Front Door Wreath

Again, using ribbon is an effective way to add this themed pattern into your arrangements as are displayed in the wreaths below.  I like how these wreaths add other elements of interest in the florals, greens, and sign to create a unique look to welcome guests into your home.

Adorn your Christmas wreaths for your front door with buffalo plaid ribbon, red florals, greens and twigs for a pretty country look.


& here is another similar wreath style, but with the addition of a plaid sign in the center with the popular pattern, adding even more of this style into the wreath.

Decorate your Front Porch

Front porches are one of my favorite areas of the home to decorate because it adds curb appeal to your home and is literally the first impression for guests and passerby’s.  These front porches have embraced the buffalo plaid look with subtle touches that pop with the other decorative pieces used.

I love how the front porch rockers in this setup are accented with the buffalo plaid pillows, which really pop on the white chairs!


And you can achieve a nice look just by adding in subtle details with the plaid scarf and gift wrapping for a pop of color and theme to this outdoor porch decor.

Accessorize the Living Room Decor

A nice way to add touches of the season into your everyday spaces is with accent pieces… accent pillows, throw blankets, and table runners.  Choosing neutral, solid furnishings really allows you to change up your accents and overall room’s look each season.  Loved how the buffalo plaid pillows and throws work in these two settings…

This room staging was done at Pier One and I thought really captured subtle touches of the buffalo plaid using an accent pillow, throw blanket, and table runner… making a beautifully subtle impact!


And again..subtle touches go a long way in making an impression here with the plaid pillow and the red bulbs for a cozy look…and that moose pillow… just adorable!

The Dining Room Table

I like to stage my dining tables with seasonal decor to be visible the entire season, using a simple centerpiece or even a whole tablescape.  Don’t limit yourself to only setting or decorating your table right before a special dinner gathering, instead dress your table with a theme or seasonal look to add to your daily decor.  I loved how these tables used buffalo plaid accents so nicely to pull together the entire looks of the tables into pretty tablescapes.

How adorable to decorate an outdoor table for warmer climates with this style, here using a buffalo plaid throw blanket to dress the table.


And for a more dramatic look, the use of dinnerware, chair covers, and look at those unique napkin holders for a quaint Christmas setting.

Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping can be a win-win with not only giving a well-presented gift to your family and friends, but also by adding a nice decorative aesthetic underneath your tree before the gifts are given.  These are such cute, creative ways to wrap gifts below, using buffalo plaid and other complimentary looks to really add to your room’s appeal during the holiday season… and your gift recipients will love it as well!

Look at these adorable buffalo plaid touches in the gift wrap and gift tags.  Use your gifts as additional decor… wrap them pretty and place them under the tree for very functional added decor for the season!


Coordinate your gift wrap to go nicely together…love the use of these plaid and solid papers with twine and creative tags to make a unique look for all your gifts.

Use other Decorative Pieces to Accent your Decor

As I shopped through the stores pre-Thanksgiving, I seen so many adorable pieces in this trending buffalo plaid pattern…. some select pieces I found are below…

I loved these little reindeers and Santa using the popular pattern I found at one of the craft stores… you could place these on an entry table, on a fireplace hearth, even next to your Christmas tree, or to decorate at your front porch.


& and how cute is this Christmas mouse!…too bad the name is not spelled like mine or I would have bought her… cute to sit on a side table or entry bench, even to dress your bed for a touch of the season.

Dress the Part… Fashion Style!

And you will not only find buffalo plaid in home decor this season, it is all the craze with fashion as well… so many adorable ways to add this pattern into your style and I thought the following two looks were so stylish and festive…

I loved the subtle touch of this pattern in the shirt sleeves on this top…and how cute are the boots and coordinating stocking hat.. adorable look!


& I love this sweater throw…so pretty in this pattern with a simple pair of skinny jeans and tall boots.. stylin!


I hope you enjoyed some Buffalo Plaid style inspiration for your Christmas Decorating and I’ve shown you a few new ideas you can use in your own home!  Shop some of the Buffalo Plaid looks with links included below…

Shop Buffalo Plaid pieces below (click on each pic, to shop) and on my Jaime Lyn Shop Page…click here!


Happy Holidays & Happy Decorating, Friends!

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Sharing My Thanksgiving Table with You!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you all enjoy a beautiful day today filled with family, friends, good food, and possibly a much deserved nap for all you mamas! 😉  I was fortunate to spend my day yesterday preparing for Thanksgiving in my own home, as I hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner of the holiday last night.  I really enjoyed my day… Christmas music was on, the smell of turkey was in the air, and I felt a sense of peace and simple joy preparing our meal, setting and decorating the table, and relishing in how good it felt to just be home.  Dinner ended up being wonderful and my day of effort and preparation was well worth it as everyone seemed to enjoy the meal that brought us together around the dinner table.  Last weekend I shared a blog post on Thanksgiving Dinner Table Inspiration, and I thought it would be nice today on Thanksgiving to share my own Thanksgiving Dinner Table with you as well…I hope you enjoy taking a peek!

My Thanksgiving Dinner Table…

I had so much fun creating this look for an 8 person setting using pretty dishes I display in my hutch throughout the year, and creating a centerpiece with a gold embellished table runner, and trail of fall foliage, taper candles, ceramic pumpkins, green cloth napkins, and a stream of gold ribbon to dress the entire length of the table.  I think it created an elegant, inviting look for my family to enjoy our dinner together.

I enjoy having the opportunity to use the dishes and crystal glasses that decorate my hutch throughout the year sometime I wonder why I don’t use them more often and I’m reminded to use the pretty dishes ya’ll!  I got this set actually at TJ Maxx many years ago, and my crystal glasses as a wedding gift, and still love them as much as I did when I added them to my home.

I mainly decorated my table with pieces I already had in my home, and find that sometimes using these familiar pieces but arranging them in a new way can bring new life to a space and appreciation for the things I already have.

I like the idea of using furniture for functional purposes like a buffet for dessert, wine, tea and coffee, creating a purposeful space that can also carry on the pretty aesthetic from your table to other areas of the room.  Here I set my buffet with an apple pie and dessert wine.

I also love how a look can change a bit during different times of the day.  Here, you can see how my dining table transforms a little come evening time…the lit candles added a bit of extra cozy ambiance to the setting, helping to create a warm and inviting feel for our evening dinner.

I talked in my post last weekend, about displaying the meal with a buffet… here is my buffet area adjacent to my dining room, as it is set up before dinner and after, with dinner ready to be served.  I added some light decor to make the buffet feel more festive as everyone made their plates, and used serving dishes that are special to me… some as gifts from my wedding, and others that have been passed down to me from my mom and grandmothers.

I really hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my Thanksgiving Dinner Table and it’s given you some inspiration as you set your own dinner table today.  Enjoy these precious moments as you set your Thanksgiving Table and prepare your meal for the ones you love… Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours <3

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Thanksgiving Dinner Table Inspiration

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already upon us this week, and we are about to embark on another season of holiday celebrations.  Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays, even remembering as a child waking up to the familiar aromas of turkey and pies baking in the oven, watching the Thanksgiving day parades on television, and waiting for family to arrive to enjoy a wonderful meal at our dinner table.  People everywhere will be cherishing these same traditions this week and I like to imagine how that looks in everyone’s homes… what their dinner table looks like, what passed-down family recipes will be made, and how many old stories will be told.  The dinner table is a significant place in our homes, and Thanksgiving makes this gathering spot even more special and memorable.

“The Fondest Memories Are Made When Gathered Around the Table…”

I thought it would be nice to share some Thanksgiving Dinner Table decor inspiration with you as you create your own Thanksgiving table this year.  I’ve included some looks and ideas that inspire me…tables that invoke a sense of invitation, comfort, blessing, and family… the true essence of what Thanksgiving is all about. I hope you enjoy!

The Centerpiece

The centerpiece is the focal point of your dinner table and I like to create an arrangement that can stay in place during the entire meal, without having to remove it to make room for the meal.  I generally like to keep my dining table centerpieces lower in height so they do not obstruct conversation or line-of-site among guests, but if I do decide I want to add some height, I use narrow candlesticks or pieces that are not too large or obtrusive.  I also love the idea of decorating the entire length of the table, so all of your guests can enjoy your decor from any place they are seated.  Here are some of my favorite centerpiece decorating ideas…

This fall decor lines the entire length of the table and is very easy to achieve with subtle greens, various size pumpkins, and simple candle votives… The decor is low to the table so it does not obstruct your guests’ line of site to other guests and creates a very simple, and festive look.


If you follow my Blog, you know I love to decorate using trays, baskets and boxes, and this is such a pretty centerpiece with varied textures and colors, all contained neatly in one unit.


This look is more of a traditional “centerpiece” with the decor placed in the center of the table.. I loved the white pumpkins and natural foliage, creating an earthy feel.  This look could be achieved DIY or you could take this idea to your local floral shop to create a beautiful fresh floral arrangement for you.

The Dinnerware

I enjoy that the holidays give us the opportunity to use the special dishes…your good China, your grandmother’s passed-down pieces, or even holiday festive dishes that are perfect for the occasion, all add extra meaning to these special days.  However, don’t feel you need a special set to make your dinner table unique, as you can still achieve a very festive look using your everyday dishes, by adding in decorative pieces to your tablescape.  Here are some wonderful dinnerware ideas to give you inspiration… (& note to self… use the special dishes in your everydays’ too…for a random Thursday night dinner – use Grandma’s special serving bowl for the salad…she’d want you too!)

I found these items at HomeGoods and really liked the traditional feel of the festive turkey plates and thought the copper goblets added a bit of color and interest to the setting.


I put together this pretty arrangement at Pier One… the base piece is actually a place mat of fall foliage, along with a gold charger, plaid dinner plate, and a festive pumpkin salad plate creating an interesting, layered look. I could see using this as a two-person intimate table setting, or even to decorate a kitchen bar area all season long.


I really like the idea of using dishes that have history…special dish sets that have been passed down through the generations, or can even be found at antique shops to create a nostalgic, more traditional feel to your Thanksgiving table.


But seriously, don’t feel you need to go over-the-top to create beauty to your table…if you are into more simple, subtle, clean decor… look how beautiful everyday white plates can be when adorned with a pretty napkin, basket weave charger, and a little floral embellishment tied together with a simple stand of twine.. a subtle look of elegance.

The Linens

One of my favorite ways to add a festive flare to my table setting is with the use of table linens… so many options with table cloths, table runners, placemats, cloth napkins… all bringing texture, dimension, and color to your tablescape… some lovely ideas using linens for your Thanksgiving table are below…

This shows that your table linens do not have to be elaborate, expensive, or overly colorful…look how pretty this look is just using burlap tied at the ends with a neat bow? … gorgeous!


& Ya’ll get creative with what you have… This is a festive wool blanket used as a table cloth..I love it!.. and check out the mixed-matched pillows adding in even more varied texture and color to create a really festive feel to this cozy and comfortable table setting.


I wanted to show you this table setting so you could see how even using neutral linens and white dinnerware can still achieve a festive look by adding in other elements like the copper utensils and subtle seasonal decor in the table center… use what you have and add in little touches of the season to create a very gorgeous look.


This is a more traditional table, layering various colors and materials for a more vibrant Thanksgiving fall look.. layering a table cloth, placemats, chargers, plates, cloth napkins, and a colorful centerpiece creates a really cozy, seasonal vibe.

The Place Setting

If you’ve worked in the restaurant industry you know how to set various place settings like the back of your hand, but for some who are not quite sure the correct way to set a table I wanted to share a couple great options depending on how elaborate you want your dinner setting to be.  Here are Formal and Casual table setting examples you can use for inspiration…of course you can change things up a bit to make it your own (there are enough rules in life!)….but use these as tips as standard ideas to set your table…

The Placecards

Placards are not a necessity but they do add a little extra special touch to your table, and with a large group especially, they can be quite helpful for your guests to know where you suggest they sit.  There are endless creative ideas for place cards at your dinner table, but here are some that I really like that are also easy to achieve…

I thought this was a simple yet thoughtful way to seat your guests… these adorable little “thankful for…” silverware bands can be printed on any type of paper to accentuate your table setting.


Without too much stress, sometimes the most subtle touches are just the right amount.. here’s a sweet touch using a hand written place card and adding in some light festive greens to be placed directly on the dinner plate to casually seat your guests.


And this is a cute little touch using a small pumpkin and leaf place card tied with a trim of twine.. simple yet sweet and something even your kiddos could prepare for your table.

The Ambiance

One thing I think brings the finishing touch to a table is it’s ambiance with candle light…even if I’m not aiming to create a romantic vibe, or low-lit setting, candle light can still create a warm, cozy, inviting feel to your table.  I usually recommend using unscented candles so they do not detract from the aromas of the meal, or even opt to use battery operated lights that appear like real flames….also a great option to add a little candlelit ambiance to your table.

These votive candles add an inviting warmth to this fall arrangement creating a really pretty look.


Using candles in varying sizes and heights, but all in the same color, can create an interesting arrangement with a more prominent ambiance.


And I liked how the centerpiece of this table setting are the candles, using these clear glass hurricanes and pillar candles, and the natural elements of stones and berried branches to accentuate, creates a warm, inviting ambiance to the table.

The Pass-the-Dish Style…à la française

It may depend on the size of your table if you have the option of placing all of the food dishes right on the table, but I do like the social vibe this type of table setting invokes.. à la française, allowing your guests to socially pass the dishes around the table while making their plates… a little more lively, “enjoying the feast” type vibe to your dining experience.

In this table setting, the turkey is the centerpiece… and it looks delicious!… allowing the meal to be the main attraction of your dinner table.


A very elegant, old-world feel to this type of table setting.

The Buffet Style

Buffet style is more-likely what many of us use for our Thanksgiving dinners, allowing guests to make their plates at the buffet, and then have a seat at the dinner table.  Buffets can still be an extension of your dining table decor though, by coordinating the two areas and remembering to make that space festive as well… here are a couple cute ways to achieve that…

Use pretty dishes of varying heights to create a beautiful presentation of your Thanksgiving buffet.. loved the chalkboard Menu for an added special touch too.


I like how these white dishes are very versatile and can be used for many different holidays and events, while allowing the food and subtle decor to create the festive look for the specific occasion.

Other Creative Ideas:

Oh you guys…so many ideas, I could just go on and on and really one could create a new look each year with all the unlimited creative options for our Thanksgiving Dinner Tables.  Here are some more ideas I found inspiring that I had to share with you…many are easy to create to add that extra touch for your guests to enjoy and remember Thanksgiving in your home.

I just adored this idea of using roll paper with hand lettering to create a unique table covering for your Thanksgiving table… so unique!


& so cute to festively wrap your silverware with burlap and fall leaves.


I adored this idea of adding a little note and pencil to your dinner plates for guests to write what they are thankful for this year.. this also creates a great conversation piece to add to dinner time with your guests.


And how cute is this idea using paper again as your table covering…with hand lettered place cards written right on your table..so creative!

& Some of my favorite Thanksgiving Dinner Table Looks…

I love all the varying textures, colors, heights in this look.. and the subtle touches of blue really stand out among the more traditional fall colors in this table setting.


Sometimes I think less can be more and I really liked the fresh, clean, simple look of this table setting…look how the three plates and cloth napkin are all the same color white, but with varying designs, they create pretty texture and interest to the place settings.


And I truly love the comfortable, casual, dig-into-a-good-meal feel of this table.  I really like the use of purple and jewel tones for a creative spin on the traditional seasonal colors for this Thanksgiving table… imperfectly gorgeous!


I hope you’ve found some new ideas and inspiration for your Thanksgiving Dinner Table this year… I would love to see how you decorate yours on Thursday!  Comment below what your favorite ways to decorate your holiday table are and what your plans are for this year… I would love to hear!  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, wishing you a blessed day with family and friends…around your Dinner Table.

Happy Thanksgiving!

*Most images found on Pinterest 🙂




Hobby Lobby & Magnolia Giveaway

Happy November!  I truly enjoy this glorious month with it’s ever changing beauty …falling leaves, crisper temps, cozy nights, and holiday festivities on the horizon.. it just makes me want to celebrate every moment.  In that festive spirt, I decided to do a FALL Home Decor GIVEAWAY!  If you follow me on my Jaime Lyn Life by Design Facebook Page you have most likely seen this Giveaway, but if not… head over there to get Entered to WIN…

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My Favorite Halloween Inspired Ideas

Halloween is this week and oh the fun to be had!  If you scroll through Pinterest or visit any of the home or Halloween stores, you are sure to find so many creative ideas for this spirited day.  Today I’m sharing some of my current favorite Halloween ideas with you!

Decorating the Pumpkin

There are countless ways to decorate pumpkins these days beyond carving traditional jack-o-lanterns, and I just love the idea of decorating pumpkins using tulle, festive ribbon, markers, paint and glitter.  You could do this with your natural pumpkins or even faux pumpkins (find at your local hobby and craft stores) to reuse year after year.

Creative Halloween Treats

There are many Halloween treat possibilities for school and family parties, but I loved these adorable (& healthy) ideas from Crafty Morning below… and a favorite in our family are Ghost Sucker Treats…My daughter shares a tutorial on how your kiddos can make these, on our other Blog, Kai Kai Brai.

Decorate the Front Door

I really like the idea of decorating the front door for Halloween night to give trick or treaters something fun and festive to greet them as they visit door-to-door.  It really isn’t a ton of work to do, and would be a fun idea if you live in a subdivision or close-knit community to coordinate a neighborhood “front-door Halloween decorating contest.”

Treat Bowl Tradition

I like to add a bit of tradition to the holidays and Halloween is no different… a fun idea is to use the same festive treat bowl to greet your visitors each year …little touches like these become memorable and can be passed down through the generations.  I also love the idea of painting your own Halloween treat bowl at a pottery studio too…how special and festive that would be to use every year.

Personalized Monster Bowl | Trick or Treat Bowl |  Witches Brew Bowl 

Dressing Up without “dressing up”

Anyone else like to dress-up Halloween festive for your kiddos’ school parties and trick or treat night, without having to go in a full-on costume?.. There are so many cute ways to dress up your fashion to look spirited and stylish that day… here’s some cute items I found, all on Amazon Prime.

Halloween Pumpkin Shirt | Orange under-shirt | Socks | Earrings | Bracelet | Purse

Family-Themed Costumes

I absolutley love family costumes but have found there’s a small window of time when our kiddos really want to participate in a family-themed costume (it’s just not cool as they get older ;)… here’s a couple gems from my family’s Halloweens’ past when we went as a “Frightful Family (+ an Elsa”…the little one has a mind of her own..) and “Zombie Football”.

Oh…I could go on and on with Halloween ideas!  I hope you grabbed a few new ones from my post and I’m sharing even more on my Pinterest Halloween Board…follow me there!

Happy Halloween!

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and My Trip To Magnolia Market, Waco TX!

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My Fall Front Door Decor

With every new season, I love to admire how people decorate the exterior of their homes with the current spirit of the season.  I really appreciate the styling and creative effort people put into expressing themselves, and how they welcome guests into their homes.  I thought it would be fun to share the front entrance of my own home with you, so you can see how I decorated this Fall!

I like to decorate my home by adding subtle touches of the season in with my everyday decor…I think this tends to create a “less is more” feel and allows select, seasonal pieces to really stand out.  Also because I’m a busy mom and work full time, I like to keep my decorating time and effort into perspective, especially when this kind of decor is only on display for a month or two at most.  I find that if I allow myself one day each season to decorate, I really cherish that day as a special time to relax and get into the spirit.  I also feel my finished look tends to have just the right amount of the season I want on display, without my home feeling too overwhelmed.  With that being said, that’s just me… design your home for you… for your joy… you are the one who spends the most time in your home, so decorate as much or as little as your time, your budget, your space, and your spirit wills you to do.

Onto my front entrance…

I like to use pieces in my decor that can stay in use all year long, then add in seasonal pieces to display the spirit of that particular season.  At my front door, I have these two rocker chairs and a neutral Home Sweet Home rug, and two planters that stay out all year long… they are perfect because I can easily change the look by adding in seasonal flowers and decor to create a festive, new look each season I redecorate the space.

For Fall, I placed two beautiful burgundy mums inside my planters, and two smaller pots of yellow mums below them, on the step.  I added two Fall pillows to my chairs, and an arrangement of mini hay bales and unique gourds from my son’s farmers market, to frame the rug.  I finished by adding a pretty Fall foliage wreath on my front door… and easily, my look is complete… budget friendly, time conscious, welcoming, festive, and speaks to my soul with the essence of this beautiful season!…mission accomplished!

The look also transforms nicely at dusk…cozy and inviting!

I can easily swap this look out for the next season too… for Christmas, I could add poinsettias to my planters, Christmas pillows to my chairs, some cute winter decorations on the step, and a beautiful holiday wreath with a festive bow hung on my door.  I could even add some twinkling lights and garland around my front door frame and this entrance would be transformed from Fall Festive to a Winter Wonderland Welcome to my home.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek into my Fall Front Door Entrance.  You can shop some similar pieces  below…


** Your front porch or front entrance is also a great place for Fall Family Photos! **

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New Condo Staging  |  Pier 1 Harvest Decor  |  Rebel Magnolia’s Fall Flea Market  |   Downtown Shopping at Gray’s Furniture  |  Farmhouse Style  |  and My Trip To Magnolia Market, Waco TX!

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I hope you are enjoying this beautiful season, friends!



National Coffee Day – Sharing My Coffee Inspiration

Happy National Coffee Day!  I am a big coffee lover, and really enjoy a cup (or two) each day as I mull over my morning to-do lists and emails, running errands in town, or just at those times I want to treat myself to something warm and tasty to wrap up my day… I just love it!  In honor of National Coffee Day.. Here are some of my coffee inspirations for you!

Anyone own a Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine?  I am really thinking of getting one.. a bit of an investment but I would love to have one in my home and as much as my hubby and I (and even my kiddos) enjoy an espresso, I think it would be well worth it, and they are so attractive looking too!  If you own one of these machines or a comparable brand, please share your thoughts and tips with me, before I splurge on one!  I also love to pick up cute coffee mugs whenever I see them and it’s kind of fun to select which to use each morning… it’s these little joys in life like a fun coffee mug and great cup of joe that makes it all worth living!

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 Happy Coffee Day!!… Make sure you treat yourself to a good cup of coffee today!

Condo Staging by Jaime Lyn Life by Design

I am excited to finally show you a new Condo I had the opportunity to design and stage in Mt. Pleasant, MI recently.  I previously did the interior design for the construction phase of this 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in West Union Condominiums, and now that this property is on the market for sale, I staged it to help potential buyers visualize the property’s total appeal.  All of the condos in this association have the same exterior look, so what makes each space unique is how each condo’s interior space is designed.  I envision this property to be the perfect space for a professional, young family, or retiree/couple who may find it appealing to live in a brand new home, with all of the exterior maintenance and amenities taken care of by the condo association.  Let me take you inside!

View my Video below for an on-site look of my Condo Project!

Read on for more Details and Photos of my Condo Staging Project…

Because this was a spec house investment property, I designed the home with a very neutral color pallet, using tans, whites, grays, wood tones, and greens for a bit of color, to appeal to many potential buyers’ tastes.  I kept with neutral flooring, paint, and countertop finishes, making it very easy for any new homeowner to incorporate their own style and existing furnishings into the space and have it still flow very nicely.  When staging this property, I continued with these neutral finishes in the furnishings and decor I selected, and even though there are is not a lot of bright colors, per say in the space, using neutral tones together with varying textures and design, can still achieve a very interesting, and aesthetically pleasing look.

I really liked this adorable dinette set when I found it, and knew it would be perfect for the condo with it’s dark wood top finish coordinating nicely with the dark maple cabinets I selected in the kitchen, and the pretty white-washed trim working nicely with the white trim and other neutral finishes I used throughout the house.  Even if your cabinets are darker in color, there are still ways to bring in that ever-popular coastal or farmhouse style into your space with these types of subtle decorative touches.

I love to dress a table especially for staged properties as it gives a sense of what dinnertime could feel like in a home.  So many of our memories are made around the dinner table and I hoped to create a sense of invitation for this feeling, with this dinette setting.  I used a festive fall motif table runner, rustic tin chargers, simple white dinner plates, and a touch of shimmer with the beaded trim napkins and leafy metallic napkin holders to create this casual, yet stylish setting.  I added in a dinner candle from Magnolia, a pretty HOME sign with the same tin and whites finishes as in the place settings, and a little green planter for color.  I always like to glam up my tables a bit with some shimmer and I think the napkins and holders achieve that nicely, offsetting the rustic chargers and simple dinnerware perfectly.

I really like how the kitchen turned out, with the unique tile backsplash being one of my favorite materials I selected in the house.  The backsplash adds rich character to the space, bringing in all of the colors I used in the condo’s color pallet in this one material finish, working nicely with the dark maple cabinets and countertops, creating an appealing backdrop for the accompanying decorative pieces accessorizing the kitchen.

One thing I like to do for kitchen counter decor or table decor, is to decorate using trays, baskets, or decorative boxes.  This helps to contain various decorative pieces in one unit, making it very user friendly to pick up and move when you are wanting to clear the space to use as a workspace.  I found this rustic box with the same dark finishes as the cabinets, and candle holders in a white washed finish to display varying heights of pretty decorative pieces, with again a pop of green plants to add in that little bit of color to accent the look nicely.

Consistency is key when wanting your space to flow and make sense from one area to the next.  I loved that this tin pumpkin basket brought out some of the grays (from the living room.. you’ll see more below), the tin chargers from the dining table, gray tones in the tile backsplash, and even the stainless steel sink, and soon-to-come stainless appliances, to create an easy flow of color and finishes.

I decorated the bar with more of the simple dinner wear, as used on the table, and used some wicker wood chargers to add a bit of color and texture on the raised bar.  This would be the perfect space for bar stools for a more casual eating area, and for additional seating for guests.

The area behind the kitchen bar, is a nice transitional space between the kitchen and living area.  I also like to leave some flexibility within a space when showing potential buyers how they could modify a space for their specific needs.  One option for this space would be to add a larger dining room table under the pendant light, by moving the oversized chair to another area of the living room.  This could also create an opportunity to add additional cabinets in the kitchen area where the current dinette set is located.  I decided I wanted to place the pendant light fixture in this area, regardless if it was to be over a table or not, because it effectively draws down more light into the space from the high cathedral ceilings.  I also think the light fixtures I selected work well with the space, as they have a nice elegant feel, while also having an old world charm adding character to the space.

My favorite piece of furniture in the condo is the buffet.  I think it is a simple, yet gorgeous solid piece of furniture and really extends that dark wood finish from the kitchen into this area of the home.  Because I opted not to do a hutch, I still wanted to add some height in this look because of the tall cathedral ceilings, so I found these amazing decorative grills from Magnolia Home that effectively added the height that I wanted, while adding a pretty decorative touch to the setup as well.  I added some tall green topiaries, a white planter shelf, more greens, and some gray and whitewashed picture frames to create a very clean, simple, balanced look to decorate this buffet and transitional space along the great room wall.  The buffet also serves as a great functional piece as well, making an ideal place to store serving and specialty dishes not used on an everyday basis.

The living area is designed with beautiful patio doors, and accent windows serving as the condo’s main focal point and giving the room it’s gorgeous natural light.  Because I used tan and beige neutrals in the wall and trim finishes, and the flooring in this space, I decided I really wanted to add in some darker color tones in the furniture to offset the room’s look a bit, and allow the furniture an opportunity to really stand out.  I decided to go with the dark gray furniture and wall art to bring in more of the gray tones I used in more subtle ways in other areas of the condo.  Gray, while still being a neutral tone, is very “in” right now, and works very well with many accent colors or seasonal decor to easily accessorize and mix up your space’s look throughout the year.

I really love this living space, and I wanted it to feel very homey and inviting when a potential buyer tours the home. The scroll pillows came with the sofa and oversized chair, however I wanted to add more of the creamy white tones in with the dark gray furniture to lighten it up some, so I added in some textured white pillows and a fun, “Family” pillow for bit of interest as well  The coffee and side tables were the perfect fit with the dark wood finish and black iron details, consistent with the dark maple cabinets and pendant light fixtures used throughout the home.

I love decorating a coffee table as much as I like staging a dining table.  As I did with my kitchen counter decor, I displayed various decorative pieces in varying heights and textures within a basket tray.   This creates a very clean look and functionally, makes it easy, again, to move as one piece when needing the coffee table for functional purposes.

I loved this oversized chair and thought it was the perfect size for the space, offering additional seating without overwhelming the living area.  I added in pretty decorative accent pillows to accentuate the chair and add to the comfortable, classy look of the living room.

Side tables are fun to decorate as well.  Lamps, candles, and picture frames are my go-to side table decorations, and I tend to use these in threes, with three decorative pieces in varying heights and textures to help set off the table without making it feel too cluttered or overwhelmed…remembering to also leave space for functional things these side tables can be used for (coffee in the morning, glass of wine in the  evening, TV remote, and a good book!)

I found these decorative shelf shadow boxes for the living room wall, and thought they would add the perfect dimension I wanted on either side of the floral artwork.  I added in a candle in the same gray tones as the furniture, a little green planter inside, and I think it created a subtle, dimensional look complimenting the art work and wall very well.

I knew I wanted a clock in the space (I’m a sucker for a good clock) and when I found this dark, rich wood clock, I knew it was perfect for my condo’s staging… the dark wood finishes, rustic look, and size fits this wall in the corner of the living room perfectly and flowed beautifully with the other finishes I used throughout the condo.  A would suggest an entertainment table to be placed below the clock as a good option, with the large wicker basket working well to attractively store extra throw pillows and a light blanket when snuggling in for the day.

I lightly staged the two full bathrooms with the same dark grays and neutrals I used in the other areas of the house, but also added in a pop of color with teal.  I love decorating with neutrals because it is very easy to add in pops of color, even seasonal colors at different times of the year, making the space very versatile when changing looks.  This pretty rug was detailed with all the colors I wanted to use and looks nice with the ceramic tile as well.  I added in some decorative towels, candles, and even the hand soap to incorporate a stylish, consistent color scheme in the space.

Normally I wouldn’t decorate two bathrooms with the same furnishings, but to keep the condo flowing with consistent styling, I staged the guest bathroom with similar looks, using a dark charcoal gray shower curtain, more of the teal accents for added interest, and the same rug as I used in the guest bathroom.

I chose not to stage the Bedrooms, as in most cases buyers will already have their own bedroom furniture they plan to bring into their new space.  However, I did add in some accent throw pillows in teal and navy and a cute rustic basket to invite guests into the master bedroom area, and give them a suggestion of color that may work for them in this area of the home.

The condo also has a full unfinished basement, built with two egress windows and plumbed for a full bathroom, so this finished 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath home could easily transition into a 4 Bedroom, 3 Full Bath home once the basement is finished.

This project was so much fun for me to work on…I hope you enjoyed seeing my finished project!  Seeing the before/after pictures can attest to how a space can be totally transformed with creative staging, showcasing a much more appealing space for a homeowner or potential buyer to visualize the property’s full potential.

Before | After

Thank you for checking out my latest staging project and blog post!  I will have more projects I am currently working on to show you very soon!

If you are interested in this property at the West Union Condominiums off Lincoln Road in Mt. Pleasant MI, it is currently on the market with Klumpp Realty.  Click the link for more information and Call: 989.828.7403 for your own personal viewing.  As with most of my real estate staging projects, all of the furnishings and decorative pieces I used in this property are available for sale as an add-on option to the condo’s sale price.  Buyers have the option to purchase the condo without staging, completely staged as shown, or with an ala cart option of choosing select items.

I also wanted you to be able to Shop some of the looks I used in my condo staging (or very similar items.) SHOP them all below (click the pics) and SHOP at Jaime Lyn’s SHOP.


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