Who else is loving farmhouse design?… I’ll wait a moment while you wave your arms wildly in the air!  😉 For me, having a family farm, this simple and timeless style feels very natural to me.  However, even if you are not living a true-to-life “farming life-style”, but happen to be an HGTV fan, have shopped any of the home decor stores, or frequent Pinterest, you will see farmhouse design is everywhere, and you are more than likely becoming a fan of this timeless home style too.  I personally love the relaxed, simple, casual, and easy feel to farmhouse design, and enjoy that it’s not really trendy as these looks have been around for ages.  I think of natural wood, tin, copper, shiplap, black iron, white and natural finishes, and rough & rustic elements when I think of this style…and I also think of muddy boots, being outdoors, early mornings, late nights, and families working together.  It’s really, a beautiful and peaceful way to live life, which is why I think so many of us are so drawn to this style, as we crave this peaceful, family-focused type of environment in our homes.

I’ve shared this lovely Farmhouse style below with some pretty decorative products I really enjoy, and you can also Shop even more farmhouse styled products I like, on my  “Jaime Lyn’s Shop” Page.  Click on each product for all the details (& if you’re on your mobile, be sure to zoom out to see all the products I’ve included.)  I’ll be updating my Jaime Lyn’s Shop each month with NEW decor items, so check back often (and I’ll also be highlighting some of these products throughout the month on my social media telling you why I enjoy them, and how I’d use them in home design as well.)  Also, to give you a little more Farmhouse inspiration, you can follow my “Farmhouse Style” Pinterest Board on my Jaime Lyn Life by Design Pinterest page to see even more of this pleasant and popular style, as well as other interior design tips and looks I’m really enjoying.  I would LOVE to hear what you all think of farmhouse style, so please feel free to comment below.  And for a peek of my family and a bit of our own farm life.. scroll on down.  Have a beautiful day, friends! 

Click over to my Jaime Lyn’s Shop for even MORE Farm House Style Products!

“Some call it the middle of nowhere.  I call it the center of my world.”

We do combines & tractors, planting & harvest, late nights & early mornings… working till the “cows come home” way of life.


…and we do a whole lot of not taking ourselves too seriously too. 😉

Enjoy some timeless farmhouse style in your home!  Remember to comment below what you think of Farmhouse Style and what your favorite farmhouse decor ideas are!…I would love to hear!

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