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The Red Lantern, Edmore MI

TGIF! and welcome to the weekend, friends! Today I wanted to share one of the cutest boutique shops I have visited in quite some time… The Red Lantern in Edmore, MI. This shop is located only a few towns away from where I live, but I had never visited before until a few weeks ago… what a treat! My girls and I enjoyed shopping this mother-daughter duo-owned shop, filled to the brim with home decor, gifts, clothing, and accessories… our favorite kind of place to shop!

We spent about an hour browsing every inch of this pretty shop… I snagged some home decor pieces (shocker I know!) and a pretty summer dress, while my girls found some cute things for their rooms, earrings, and a few clothing pieces for their summer wardrobes too.

What I love most about shopping these kinds of stores, is the moments spent there feels more like a relaxing hobby than a stressful shopping trip, as you may feel in a larger store… items are displayed in a creative way, and there is just enough to choose from to have a good selection, without feeling overwhelmed.

Take a peek at a more of their summer displays…soo many cute things!

And here is a sneak peek at one of their Fall displays, and will be part of their Fall Open House this weekend… today and Saturday, August 13th & 14th!… a great time to visit if you’ve never been.. or visit again even if you have!

The Red Lantern – Fall Open House! – August 13th + 14th!

Photo Credit: The Red Lantern (via Facebook)

The Red Lantern is located at 504 E. Main St., Edmore MI, open 10-6pm Tuesday thru Friday, 10-3 on Saturdays, and closed Sundays and Mondays. If you go – tell the ladies I sent ya! 🙂

…. OH and before I wrap… make sure you also visit another quaint shop in Edmore while you are in town, just down the street from The Red Lantern… Gypsy Soul Boutique… loved this shop so much as well!

Happy Friday friends… and remember to support your local, small shops when you can! Thanks again to The Red Lantern for a fun afternoon this Summer, shopping with my girls!

Wishing you a blessed weekend, friends! Until next time…

Jaime Lyn

My July Pool Outdoor Living Space!

Hi all, I hope your Summer is starting off on a bright note and you have had an enjoyable and festive 4th of July! We enjoyed our weekend at home with some fun in the sun, family, good food, swimming, fireworks, and much needed relaxation! I love weekends at home like this when we have no big agenda, just rest and relaxation on the plan and good family time. I made sure our outdoor pool, deck, patio, and pool house were festive for the 4th so to add to our spirited weekend… I thought I’d share with you all of these spaces! We have some work to do on our landscape rock wall later this summer/early Fall so that area is yet to be done, but we did a new pool liner this Summer and I’m loving the darker blue that we went with this time around… and it jived really well with all my blue 4th of July decorations… so plan complete there! Take a look around… and Happy 4th & Happy July friends!

This area is perfect for our fire pit area… we used to have a sunken hot tub here but opted to take it out a couple years ago… been debating of adding a new one in, but for now this firepit spot is perfect for us and used a lot!
The pool house is a plus as it is a efficient space for guests to drop their things, for swimmers to change, and for all the frequent potty breaks – and nice to keep all the wetness outside instead of tracking into the house.

I hope you enjoyed visiting my outdoor spaces at my home! Our backyard outdoor space is truly our oasis of relaxation away from the world during the Summer months and one of the best investments we’ve made for our home, and family time together. I hope I’ve given you some ideas and inspiration for your home and outdoor spaces… if you have any questions on anything I’ve featured, please message me!

Happy 4th Friends.. Cheers to Summer time!

All That’s New at the Silos at Magnolia!

Well friends, I am back with more Magnolia!… because who can ever get too much Magnolia?… Not this girl! If you’ve been keeping up with my blog posts or my Instagram in recent months, I have been sharing a lot about my February trip to Magnolia; My Stay at the Magnolia House, all the yumminess at the Magnolia Table, the beauty of Spring at the Silos… and today my friends, I am sharing all about what is NEW at Magnolia Silos!

I visited Magnolia once before in the Summer of 2018 and had the time of my life!… but just like with every new Disney attraction that keeps families coming back to Orlando time and time again, Magnolia’s new additions are bringing middle-aged women like me, from all over the country, either there for the first time, or coming back for more!

What can I say… So much has been added! Not only were the original grounds still there in all their beautiful glory… You can see all about these areas of the Magnolia Market, Silos, Magnolia Seed + Supply, the Silos Baking Co, Food Trucks, and more in my Posts: Spring at the Silos and My 2018 Trip to Magnolia Market at the Silos… but today, let’s talk about all that is brand NEW at the Silos at Magnolia!…

The Magnolia Press

The Magnolia Press is the new coffee shop on Magnolia’s grounds… I wish I lived closer because I would vedge out here in this place all the time…it has such a chill vibe and smells delicious! They make any kind of latte you could think of and has such a cozy, peaceful feel… visitors could stay for hours!

The Old Church

This beautiful church was originally built in 1894 in Waco, and the Gaines’ decided to purchase, relocate and restore it for the Magnolia site. They discovered the church was not structurally sound enough to move it in it’s entirety, so they built a new foundation and frame, then relocated piece by piece of what was original to the church, including the interior flooring, wainscoting, corbels, beams, trimwork, pews, exterior siding and lattice work. What they revived is a breathtaking site on the new Magnolia grounds…

The Shops at Magnolia

This area of the Silos is such a treat! A set of 6 cottages were built to house a variety of small shops…everything from books + paper in one shop, to jewelry and bags in another shop, to men’s items, women’s clothing, bath + body, and kids + baby in the other shops… it was such a joy to stroll from shop to shop, taking in a more intimate shopping experience at the Silos…

Magnolia Home

Magnolia Home is the furniture store of all furniture stores… this is where visitors can shop all the larger, Magnolia pieces – staged in real-life living settings, visitors can shop for sofas, dining room sets, area rugs, decor, and more… I could have ordered one of everything, I loved it all so much… all the signature Fixer Upper styles in one place, with helpful staff ready to help you create your own Magnolia style for your home…

The Ball Park

This area is just the coolest! A place for kids and kids-at-heart to relax, run, play and enjoy on this creatively crafted wiffle ball field that connects the original and new areas of Magnolia… just the coolest addition!

So much to see and enjoy at Magnolia in Waco, Texas. If you have not yet went, go!… if you have been there before but have not yet seen all of the new areas, go again! Magnolia is such a great place to experience, I’ve enjoyed every visit so much!

I hope you enjoyed this latest post on Magnolia! Stay tuned as I still have 2 more posts to complete my Magnolia Trip Series… Next up is my post all about The Carriage House, another of Magnolia’s bed & breakfast homes – I didn’t stay there but had a spontaneous opportunity to tour it!! such a treat!… and another post to come is all my Travel Tips to Waco, Texas… where to stay, eat, and shop.. other than Magnolia of course! Stay tuned friends!


Spring at the Magnolia Silos

Hello friends! Happy weekend… and Happy Spring! I have never been more excited for Spring than this year after what has seemed like a really long winter. It feels so good to finally get outside, breath in some fresh air, and be witness to the promises of new beginnings as proven with every new tulip that blooms…

I kicked off my Spring fever in February when I visited Magnolia in Waco, TX and took in all the Spring vibes that Magnolia had on display at the Silos. Even though this was not my first visit to Magnolia, as I visited once before in the Summer of 2018 for my 40th Birthday (my hubby surprised me!.. you can see more of that trip here in this post) I still experienced new firsts.. for one, I stayed at the Magnolia House (see all about that beautiful experience here!)…

I also experienced all of the new, expanded areas of Magnolia that Chip and Joanna Gaines just recently developed (the Shops at Magnolia, Magnolia Press, the new (old) Church, Magnolia Home… there was so much more new to take in!….my next post will include all about these new additions at the Silos, but for the sake of this post becoming too long-winded, let’s focus on the beauty of the original areas and Spring at the Silos!…

Magnolia’s design team always does a spectacular job welcoming in each new season as they transform the Magnolia Market with inventive displays, and share fresh design inspiration and insightful, thought-provoking life perspective. This season, their design theme focused on the definition of time... “believing that it isn’t something to lose, but rather something we get to choose… not a burden, but a gift”…this theme was also carried out in their Spring issue of the Magnolia Journal... believe me, these pages truly came to life as I walked the grounds of Magnolia, and entered the doors of their iconic and beautiful Magnolia Market…

The Magnolia Market is a beautiful shop… I am always taken back by not only what is all uniquely for sale in the market, but how it is all uniquely displayed!… just gorgeous! This season, the market was designed with large (human-size) tulips that welcome guests, along with fresh aromas of Magnolia-scented candles in the air, and a bountiful of Spring florals and fresh, farmhouse-feel pieces adorning every area of the shop… the Magnolia Market is not just a place to shop, it is truly an experience!

I could have shared hundreds of images with you from my visit, but I selected some of my favorites. Keep scrolling to see more of the original areas of the Magnolia Market at the Silos…and I promise, in my next post, I will include all the NEW areas that I so enjoyed! (I mean how long can one post be?!)… So, come along with me!

Another of my favorite areas of the Silos is the gardens at Magnolia Seed + Supply… I love admiring all that is growing and on display in this beautiful area of Magnolia…

And… of course I could not resist the Silos Baking Co! YUM! I was greeted with gourmet cupcakes from the Silos Baking Co. upon my stay at the Magnolia House…I devoured more of these sweet treats than I should probably admit to, but they are just sooo good!

Silos Baking Co.
Silos Baking Co.

The Magnolia grounds are complete with open areas to enjoy with your traveling companions… a large grassy area for kids to run and play, multiple gourmet food trucks to enjoy for lunch and snacking (get the sweet tea!), awning-covered picnic tables, a large pavilion, and more… the entire place makes you want to slow down time, and enjoy an easy day of browsing, shopping, and experiencing all that is Magnolia…

If you ever get a chance to visit Magnolia.. please just GO, and see for yourself how amazing it all is… whether that is in the Winter, Fall, or Spring and Summer seasons as I experienced, it is so worth the trip! I hope this post has given you some insight into the beauty that is Magnolia Market at the Silos, and some Spring inspiration too! More of my visit, including ALL I experienced and seen at the NEW areas of Magnolia, coming to my blog soon! And before you go… Take a peek at my other Posts from my visits to Magnolia in Waco, TX if you missed these before…

My Stay at the Magnolia House… Read here!

My Visit to the Magnolia Table… Read here!

My Summer 18′ trip to Magnolia… Read here!

Thank you so much for visiting my Blog.. I truly love sharing with you here and hope you enjoy your time with me! Until next time friends…


Our Stay at the Magnolia House

Hi all, I hope everyone is staying well and healthy!  I am back home to cold and blustery Michigan from my quick trip to Magnolia in Waco, Texas this last week.  My husband and I went out because I happened to come across availability at The Magnolia House in McGregor, TX… one of Chip & Joanna Gaines’ bed & breakfast homes they filmed on Fixer Upper… they have 3 of these vacation rentals available for guests to stay in, but the Magnolia House has always been by far, my favorite! so when I came upon the 2 nights available in the first week of February, I jumped on it.  I had been wanting to go back to Magnolia since my first trip in 2018, to see all the new & recent additions they have built at the Silos, but I knew I wanted to wait until I had the opportunity to stay at The Magnolia House when I went again.. so all worked out perfectly and it was fate! 😉 Once my trip was booked, I also scheduled a few business meetings for my Heirloom Grove business, so my trip ended up being a little work & a little play vaca!  

We arrived to Waco and the house was not quite ready yet, so we drove around and found where Chip and Joanna and their family live, and also where President George W. Bush is retired, which was not too far away… obviously we could not get too close to either of their homesteads, but it was really fun to see where they each call ‘home.’

When we were finally able to check into the Magnolia House, I was just a little excited…(if you follow me on my Instagram, you can see my reaction in my highlight stories when I walked in the door…) The best way I can describe my experience, is the equivalent if I had told my 8 year old daughter she could sleep in Cinderella’s castle in Disney World for two nights.. this was my Disney World y’all!

Yes, I am a Fixer Upper fan… it comes from my shared love of their cozy, farmhouse, family-oriented, timeless style they bring to their redo’s, and the relate-ability I feel watching their husband/ wife dynamic of not only living and raising a family together, but also working together day in and day out on their shared passions and business. I am always so inspired by their work ethic, creativity, and values, and feel even more inspired when I visit Magnolia!

So… let’s get into the details of this beautiful Magnolia House… first, how do you go about booking it?  I booked right on their Magnolia website… it shows availability and all of the varied rates (weekday, weekends) and the specifics of each of their three vacation homes – how many bathrooms, how many the houses sleep, etc… The whole house was furnished with everything we could possibly need.. from washing machine to coffee creamer and everything in between.  We had a property manager who was an absolute gem to work with… she emailed me a few times before our stay, and texted me throughout our stay, making sure we were accommodated with everything we needed… such hospitality!  

I would love to describe the house in detail, and hopefully you’ve all seen the episode when they fix this house up on the show, and their folks all come over for a holiday dinner… if you haven’t seen that episode, you can download & watch it here (I watched it again, while IN the house….and talk about surreal!!)  Instead of describing the house room by room, in detail, I know pictures are worth a thousand words, and so I literally walked the house for over an hour and took so many pictures for you all… I will just say this quickly to describe the house…. shiplap, shiplap, & more shiplap, natural wood floors, black iron, subway tile, cement countertops, architectural corbels, antique furnishings & light fixtures, textiles, and the most layered compfy bedding you’ll ever sleep in… for the rest, take a look for yourself and oooh and ahhh as you scroll along…  

The house was an absolute joy to stay in… so homey, and I just felt like I should pinch myself the entire time I was there to make sure I was really staying there.  The house had a porch on every side of the house, and the whole property was cared for immaculately.  The house is actually in McGregor, a quiet little town, which is about 25 minutes from Waco.. and actually, one of the other vacation homes they own and rent out, The Carriage House, is a stone’s throw away from the Magnolia House, in it’s backyard… we lucked out royally when the group of ladies who were staying for the same 2 days as us in The Carriage House, happened to arrive at the same time as we did…. so of course, we swapped houses for a half hour or so, so we could each tour both houses.. I will share my glimpse into The Carriage House in a future post… but it was such a sweet surprise to get the chance to see inside The Carriage House as well, what a dream!

You can see The Carriage House in the back…

Our first night, my husband and I were whipped from traveling and I couldn’t bring myself to leave the house, so we went to the local grocery store and picked up some appetizer finger foods and some great wine and made ourselves an easy dinner at home… let me just say, preparing food in Joanna’s kitchen was an experience in and of itself… I think I giggled the whole time…  we then snuggled up in the living room and watched a few episodes of Fixer Upper (because it just seemed appropriate and all their episodes happened to be organized and stored in a digital DVR folder they provide for their guests…seriously, they think of everything!)  

The next day my hubby and I did venture out for the day, starting first at Magnolia Table for a 10 am reservation they provide their house guests (the ‘breakfast’ portion of their bed & breakfast) and then we hit the Silos to check out the Magnolia Market at the Silos, Silos Baking Co, Magnolia Seed & Supply Co., the iconic food trucks, and all that is new at Magnolia… the Shops at Magnolia, the beautiful church, woofle ball field, Magnolia Press Coffee Shop, and the Magnolia Home furniture store (which I completely forgot was new there too… so that was a welcome surprise!)  I will blog about all of these areas to experience at the Silos, in a near future blog post… so stay tuned for that.  I had been to Magnolia before in 2018, so I’d already seen half of the complex… but if you are going for the first time I’d give yourself 2 days at Magnolia so you can really relax and take it all in without feeling rushed… and another day or two as well to take in all else there is to shop and see in Waco.. if I had had another day of my trip, I would have spent an entire day just relaxing at home in the house! I’ll share about all the places to shop, dine, and stay in Waco too, in a future post… soon!

I hope you enjoyed this post about my stay at the Magnolia House, a bucket list experience for me, for sure!!  If you are interested in staying here, or any of their other Magnolia-owned Fixer Upper vacation rentals… check out their booking informations here, and plan your trip!…. a romantic getaway, or split the cost with a group of friends or family for a fun girls trip or couples getaway!!… you will be so glad you did! 

I’ll be in touch with more about Magnolia at the Silos, and other things to do in Waco, and my sneak peek at The Carriage House.. all in future posts…so make sure you are signed up for my Email list so you don’t miss any of my new posts! …. oh 😉 and I am going to be doing some Magnolia Giveaways soon – on my Instagram, and one special one just for my Email list followers! Stay tuned! Until then, message me or comment below if you have any questions about the Magnolia House or my trip.. I’d be so happy to help you as you plan your fun trip to Waco!

Happy Travels, friends!



Teen Girls She Shed

Hi friends, it’s been a bit since I blogged here last but thought it would be fitting today on the first day of deer hunting season in Michigan, to share a fun project my daughters did on an old hunting fort to create their very own girls’ she shed! The fort was originally built by my son for his hunting shack, but after he decided to move his hunting spot to a different location, he gifted over his fort to his sisters… that’s all the girls needed to go to work remaking the interior to become their very own backyard girls’ oasis to escape to!

My oldest daughter Kaitlyn decorated the interior with a boho chic, bohemian style. She painted the interior paneled walls white, re-carpeted the floor and upper loft area, added in a fold-down futon sofa, writer’s desk, leather desk chair, and casual, natural accents to the walls and flat surfaces. Big brother left the girls his TV, mini fridge, space heater, and microwave so their she shed could be comfortable all year long.

The fort is situated behind our home, nestled in an open field with views of our woods. It is a quiet, serene place for the girls to do homework, read, hang out with each other and their friends, swing in the hammocks, even pop popcorn and watch movies, and make lasting memories together.

The girls love coming out to this space to relax… and I really enjoy coming out with them too, it’s such a fun place to escape to and hang out. They spent a lot of days out there this spring during their virtual school days at home during the Covid shut down… helping bring a little change of scenery to those sometimes mundane days.

The space is really cozy and has everything they need to hang out for a few hours during the day, and because it is wired with electricity, they also are able to enjoy cozy evenings too.. snuggled in together with snacks, cold drinks, and games, or movies… so much fun!

I hope you enjoyed a little peek inside the girls she shed! It’s amazing what can be done with a small space and budget, to create a special place to enjoy the simpler things in life, and to make lasting childhood memories together!

Happy Week, friends! Jaime Lyn

Deck Fire Pit Gathering Area

Hi all, it’s been awhile since I’ve visited with you all here on my design blog. I have been a busy bee working on some other ventures the past few months, but am excited to reconnect with you here this Memorial weekend. I hope you are all doing well, enjoying yourselves wherever you are, and staying healthy. We are all definitely living through unprecedented times, and as scary as the world can feel sometimes, I pray your home has served you well as a place of solitude and safety, providing comfort and peace during these unpredictable times.

As I’ve spent more time in my home, I realize I am seeing my home a little differently… instead of mainly serving as a pit stop in our comings and goings, it truly has become a place for my family to be together again, to make memories, and enjoy our lives in a simpler, more peaceful way. I am looking at our spaces with fresh eyes, and minimizing all the “stuff” that clutters not only our rooms, but our minds. I am repurposing the uses of my ‘old’ things, instead of running to the stores to buy more ‘new’ things, and I am recreating spaces that serves the purposes of our family being together. Being home more has become the ‘blessing in disguise’ through all of this for my family. It has slowed our lives down a bit, brought us back more so to the basics of what is important, and allowed us the time and reflection to enjoy what it is that truly matters here in our home… the people inside, the memories made here, and the peace and safety that it provides…truly what home should be about.

One area I just finished recreating in our home that has helped serve our slowed-down, family-focused time is a small area of our deck that used to house our drop-in hot tub. We never used the hot tub much with having our pool, so we opted to pull that out and board up the opening…. but then, we had to decide, what to do with the space now?

Above is how the space looked after we boarded up the hot tub opening, restained the deck boards, and I laid my Amazon Rug down, and added some outdoor accent pillows I had on hand, to the built-in bench… but I felt it just needed more. I didn’t want to go out and buy more furniture… I am avoiding being in the stores as much as I can right now, and the thought of putting together new furniture just felt like a daunting task I didn’t want to deal with, so instead I looked around at what I already had. I had recently purchased all new patio cushions for the furniture that is around my pool area, and was about to sell all my ‘old’ cushions on a garage sale site, but instead I decided to reuse them here in this space. I also had quite a few stackable patio chairs that serve us well when we have extra company over, that I could use here too. And… we found this Propane Fire Pit stored in our pole barn that we had received some time ago (and totally forgot we had!)…. So I pulled that out, and put this all together, and within an hour, the space was done! We now have a nice ‘new’ fire pit oasis on our deck overlooking our pool area, that was all created with things I already had on hand… I just had to pause a moment, and look at my things and my space in a new light, with a fresh perspective of possibilty.

You can take more of a look at this space below…

There you have it… done and ready to enjoy! Happy Memorial Day everyone! If you need me… I will be relaxing by the pool the rest of the weekend!

Shop: Propane Fire Pit | Outdoor Rug

Blessings, Jaime Lyn

Winter Home Inspiration

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone! If you are like me, your celebrations are winding down, and you’re beginning to feel a quiet peace come back to your life. The hustle and bustle of the holidays are coming to a close, gifts and Christmas decorations are being stored away, and the time to prepare our homes and lives for a fresh, clean start for the new year are upon us. I really enjoy this time of year with the peace, calm, and hope it brings. My kiddos are off from school and activities, which allows my time to slow down a bit to enjoy a serene opportunity to reflect on the past year, while looking forward with hope and the wonder at the possibilities of new beginnings. The new year gives a unique opportunity to look at our lives, family, home, work, faith, and relationships through fresh lenses. My surroundings, I realize affect a lot how I feel… if my family is healthy and happy, my home is pleasing and orderly, my work is positive and inspiring, My soul feels happy, content, and peaceful.

Today I thought as we close out the Christmas season, as we pack away our festive decor, I would give you some inspiration on how to decorate your space for this new season of Winter. I know over the course of the next few months, we will surely be getting our fair share of snow, and cold, frigid temperatures. I want my home to feel like a refuge, a place for my family to come, curl up, and enjoy the warmth, safety, and cozy solitude of being home. I thought I’d share a few ways you can create a cozy Winter spirit in your home. Even though the Christmas lights are stored away, we can still very much continue the cozy, warm, ambiance in our homes through the Winter season…

Winter Decorating Inspiration:

Cozy Throws and Winter Pillows

Nothing says curl up on the sofa with a good book, than having casual, cozy throw blankets and snuggly pillows in your space. Place these on your sofa or chairs, in a decorative basket, on the lower shelf of an accent table, or load up your bed… Invite your family to feel comfortable snugging in with these items, close at their fingertips, while creating a cozy look to your space.

Ambiance of Candlelight, Lanterns & Lamps

Even though the twinkle of Christmas lights are packed away, we can still create a warm ambiance in our homes with candles, and low lit lamps. I love decorating with lanterns too… placing a battery operated candle inside and placing them on the floor, adorning my fireplace, or decorating an accent table… dim the lights at night, and light these cozy pieces to create a warm, snuggle-in feel to your home.

Winter Greens & Natural Elements

Bring out the winter greens and natural elements with green garlands, wreaths, picks, and candle accents… add in pine cones, fresh cut wood, and other earthy pieces to bring a bit of the outside season inside to your cozy home.

White and natural colors and textures

Winter is white to many, so layer in these natural colors and textures with varying elements… white candles, white bark wood, natural table linens with a bit of sparkle, white dishes…. and then add that pop of color with wood tones, tin, or winter green accents for a pretty, natural, winter look.

Winter inspired signs, rugs, wreaths, and decorative accents

Take down the Santa sign, and place artwork with a winter scene, have a “Let it Snow” rug welcome guests at your doorstep, cozy up your coffee bar with a black and white plaid and snowflake accents… so many ways to add subtle winter inspired pieces to your decor, making your home feel festive for the season.

** All Images & photo credits can be found on my Pinterest Page **

I hope these ideas have helped to give you a little inspiration to how you can transform your space for Winter, making your home a cozy, warm place of peace during the cold, blustery season.

You can view even more of my Winter home inspiration on my Pinterest page and on my Amazon Shop… check them out & follow me for more inspiration this year.

And make sure you are following me on Instagram, where I will be sharing a lot more of my own home this winter, and you are signed up for my Email list (on my home page), where I send out more home and lifestyle inspiration in my monthly newsletter!…don’t miss it!

Happy New Year Friends… wishing you all the joy, peace, health, and happiness of a brand New Year & season!

Happy Thanksgiving & My Dinner Tablescape

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I hope you have a wonderful holiday planned with your family and friends. I am hosting Thanksgiving this year, and am enjoying the smells of turkey filling my home this morning. I snapped a few pictures of my dining room table all set for our afternoon Thanksgiving dinner, and thought I’d share with you!

I love setting a nice table, and changed up my Thanksgiving tablescape from last year’s table (see that tablescape here)… This year, I created my tablescape from a beautiful table runner I found at the Farmgirl Flea Market this Fall, then added in these beautiful blue, green, & creamy plates, with white chargers that coordinated perfectly with my runner, then added in festive fall stems, blue pumpkin picks, and coordinating pumpkins for my centerpiece, and finished off with crystal glassware to fancy up my look a bit. I really like this neutral, cooler color scheme with little touches of warmth, for a change to the traditional Thanksgiving table looks I have done in the past… and of course I always finish off with candlelight to make our space feel warm and inviting for my family to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner together. Take a closer look at more of my Thanksgiving table below…

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my Thanksgiving table today! I am so thankful for all of you who follow my Blog and support my passion here at Jaime Lyn Life by Design! Happy Holidays, friends!!

My Fall Home

Hi friends, I’ve missed connecting with you on the blog these last few weeks… my work, family, and life in general have been a little extra busy lately, but today I’m so glad to finally have the chance to share with you again… and today I’m sharing all about my Fall home!

I know some of you have already jumped into your Christmas decorating, but I’ve always been a bit old fashioned in that I keep my Fall decor up thru Thanksgiving, and then begin my Christmas decorating that holiday weekend. I have been tossing around the idea of decorating for Christmas a little earlier, because it seems a bit unfair that Fall decor is displayed from September thru November, while Christmas decor only lights up our home for a little over a month… so we shall see, maybe next year I will decorate for Christmas a little earlier. Until then.. here is my Home still decorated for Fall! I hope you gain some inspiration for ways to add this cozy season into your home…

| Front Entrance |

| Foyer |

| Living Room |

| Back Hallway |

| Kitchen |

| Nook & Gathering Room |

| Dining Room |

| Side Entrance |

And there you have it… my Fall home! I hope you enjoyed a little sneak peek. I truly love this time of year… crisp nights, cozy lamps, Fall scented candles, crock pot dinners, snuggly blankets, pumpkin spice coffees, and for my family… it is also harvest time… so a time for work and thanksgiving.

Thank you for visiting my blog today. I love sharing here with all of you. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see more daily inspiration… follow me here!

I will also be sharing Christmas decor inspiration on my Amazon shop soon!… follow me there so you don’t miss all of my favorite Christmas pieces this holiday season!

Wishing you all Fall Blessings! Thank you for visiting my Blog today!

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