Happy National Coffee Day!  I am a big coffee lover, and really enjoy a cup (or two) each day as I mull over my morning to-do lists and emails, running errands in town, or just at those times I want to treat myself to something warm and tasty to wrap up my day… I just love it!  In honor of National Coffee Day.. Here are some of my coffee inspirations for you!

Anyone own a Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine?  I am really thinking of getting one.. a bit of an investment but I would love to have one in my home and as much as my hubby and I (and even my kiddos) enjoy an espresso, I think it would be well worth it, and they are so attractive looking too!  If you own one of these machines or a comparable brand, please share your thoughts and tips with me, before I splurge on one!  I also love to pick up cute coffee mugs whenever I see them and it’s kind of fun to select which to use each morning… it’s these little joys in life like a fun coffee mug and great cup of joe that makes it all worth living!

Shop my Coffee Inspirations below (& scroll left to see all!)


 Happy Coffee Day!!… Make sure you treat yourself to a good cup of coffee today!

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