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After all of the crazy winter weather our country has been experiencing from Texas to all corners of the US, I think it’s safe to say we are ALL ready for the Spring season! It is this time of year in Michigan when the days seem to be getting a little longer, and the sun is trying so hard to peek out, that I really begin craving Spring… to see the snow begin to melt away, the trees start to bud, and the tulips unearth into to their full glory… Spring will be here before we know it, I can just feel it! In that spirit, I am sharing some pretty Spring items in my Jaime Lyn Amazon Shop today… everything from Spring and Easter home decor, to Spring inspired fashion and accessories, to gardening tools, to other fabulous pretty pastel pieces… all for you to enjoy in this next season. Shop ALL of these items and more at my Amazon Shop, under “Think Spring”…I’m always adding to my shop, so make sure you follow me there on Amazon, so you can always see the latest products I’ve prepared for you to browse and shop…

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Our Stay at the Magnolia House

Hi all, I hope everyone is staying well and healthy!  I am back home to cold and blustery Michigan from my quick trip to Magnolia in Waco, Texas this last week.  My husband and I went out because I happened to come across availability at The Magnolia House in McGregor, TX… one of Chip & Joanna Gaines’ bed & breakfast homes they filmed on Fixer Upper… they have 3 of these vacation rentals available for guests to stay in, but the Magnolia House has always been by far, my favorite! so when I came upon the 2 nights available in the first week of February, I jumped on it.  I had been wanting to go back to Magnolia since my first trip in 2018, to see all the new & recent additions they have built at the Silos, but I knew I wanted to wait until I had the opportunity to stay at The Magnolia House when I went again.. so all worked out perfectly and it was fate! 😉 Once my trip was booked, I also scheduled a few business meetings for my Heirloom Grove business, so my trip ended up being a little work & a little play vaca!  

We arrived to Waco and the house was not quite ready yet, so we drove around and found where Chip and Joanna and their family live, and also where President George W. Bush is retired, which was not too far away… obviously we could not get too close to either of their homesteads, but it was really fun to see where they each call ‘home.’

When we were finally able to check into the Magnolia House, I was just a little excited…(if you follow me on my Instagram, you can see my reaction in my highlight stories when I walked in the door…) The best way I can describe my experience, is the equivalent if I had told my 8 year old daughter she could sleep in Cinderella’s castle in Disney World for two nights.. this was my Disney World y’all!

Yes, I am a Fixer Upper fan… it comes from my shared love of their cozy, farmhouse, family-oriented, timeless style they bring to their redo’s, and the relate-ability I feel watching their husband/ wife dynamic of not only living and raising a family together, but also working together day in and day out on their shared passions and business. I am always so inspired by their work ethic, creativity, and values, and feel even more inspired when I visit Magnolia!

So… let’s get into the details of this beautiful Magnolia House… first, how do you go about booking it?  I booked right on their Magnolia website… it shows availability and all of the varied rates (weekday, weekends) and the specifics of each of their three vacation homes – how many bathrooms, how many the houses sleep, etc… The whole house was furnished with everything we could possibly need.. from washing machine to coffee creamer and everything in between.  We had a property manager who was an absolute gem to work with… she emailed me a few times before our stay, and texted me throughout our stay, making sure we were accommodated with everything we needed… such hospitality!  

I would love to describe the house in detail, and hopefully you’ve all seen the episode when they fix this house up on the show, and their folks all come over for a holiday dinner… if you haven’t seen that episode, you can download & watch it here (I watched it again, while IN the house….and talk about surreal!!)  Instead of describing the house room by room, in detail, I know pictures are worth a thousand words, and so I literally walked the house for over an hour and took so many pictures for you all… I will just say this quickly to describe the house…. shiplap, shiplap, & more shiplap, natural wood floors, black iron, subway tile, cement countertops, architectural corbels, antique furnishings & light fixtures, textiles, and the most layered compfy bedding you’ll ever sleep in… for the rest, take a look for yourself and oooh and ahhh as you scroll along…  

The house was an absolute joy to stay in… so homey, and I just felt like I should pinch myself the entire time I was there to make sure I was really staying there.  The house had a porch on every side of the house, and the whole property was cared for immaculately.  The house is actually in McGregor, a quiet little town, which is about 25 minutes from Waco.. and actually, one of the other vacation homes they own and rent out, The Carriage House, is a stone’s throw away from the Magnolia House, in it’s backyard… we lucked out royally when the group of ladies who were staying for the same 2 days as us in The Carriage House, happened to arrive at the same time as we did…. so of course, we swapped houses for a half hour or so, so we could each tour both houses.. I will share my glimpse into The Carriage House in a future post… but it was such a sweet surprise to get the chance to see inside The Carriage House as well, what a dream!

You can see The Carriage House in the back…

Our first night, my husband and I were whipped from traveling and I couldn’t bring myself to leave the house, so we went to the local grocery store and picked up some appetizer finger foods and some great wine and made ourselves an easy dinner at home… let me just say, preparing food in Joanna’s kitchen was an experience in and of itself… I think I giggled the whole time…  we then snuggled up in the living room and watched a few episodes of Fixer Upper (because it just seemed appropriate and all their episodes happened to be organized and stored in a digital DVR folder they provide for their guests…seriously, they think of everything!)  

The next day my hubby and I did venture out for the day, starting first at Magnolia Table for a 10 am reservation they provide their house guests (the ‘breakfast’ portion of their bed & breakfast) and then we hit the Silos to check out the Magnolia Market at the Silos, Silos Baking Co, Magnolia Seed & Supply Co., the iconic food trucks, and all that is new at Magnolia… the Shops at Magnolia, the beautiful church, woofle ball field, Magnolia Press Coffee Shop, and the Magnolia Home furniture store (which I completely forgot was new there too… so that was a welcome surprise!)  I will blog about all of these areas to experience at the Silos, in a near future blog post… so stay tuned for that.  I had been to Magnolia before in 2018, so I’d already seen half of the complex… but if you are going for the first time I’d give yourself 2 days at Magnolia so you can really relax and take it all in without feeling rushed… and another day or two as well to take in all else there is to shop and see in Waco.. if I had had another day of my trip, I would have spent an entire day just relaxing at home in the house! I’ll share about all the places to shop, dine, and stay in Waco too, in a future post… soon!

I hope you enjoyed this post about my stay at the Magnolia House, a bucket list experience for me, for sure!!  If you are interested in staying here, or any of their other Magnolia-owned Fixer Upper vacation rentals… check out their booking informations here, and plan your trip!…. a romantic getaway, or split the cost with a group of friends or family for a fun girls trip or couples getaway!!… you will be so glad you did! 

I’ll be in touch with more about Magnolia at the Silos, and other things to do in Waco, and my sneak peek at The Carriage House.. all in future posts…so make sure you are signed up for my Email list so you don’t miss any of my new posts! …. oh 😉 and I am going to be doing some Magnolia Giveaways soon – on my Instagram, and one special one just for my Email list followers! Stay tuned! Until then, message me or comment below if you have any questions about the Magnolia House or my trip.. I’d be so happy to help you as you plan your fun trip to Waco!

Happy Travels, friends!



Planning Tips for the Year

Hi friends, I hope you are enjoying your new year so far! If you were like me, you began making plans for 2021 the minute you watched the ball drop at midnight… travel plans, new year resolutions, personal and professional goals you’ve set for yourself… Having plans is a great thing! They help us focus our time and energy effectively on achieving what we aspire to do, and it give us something to be excited about for all that is to come. I have always found that the more time I allow myself to ‘plan’, the smoother my life goes, the more I achieve, and the more I enjoy my productive time and down time. While no plan is fool-proof and we must stay flexible to change, and open to spontanaety too, I really believe that the mantra (my mom always told me) that”failing to plan, is planning to fail” really does hold true in our day to day lives.

Today I thought I’d share some ways I plan in my own life as we continue moving into this new year… ways that help me to multi-task and manage my family, businesses and home. As we can all relate, the juggle struggle is real… so any ways that we can make life easier on ourselves, the better!

Use a Planner!

I am a huge proponent of using a Planner… and I spend a bit of time each year selecting which planner to use because the book means so dang much to me… it is my bible of sorts as I use it to keep track of literally everything and everyone in my life.. schedules, appointments, work deadlines, special occasions, trip details… everything! When I have a lot going on it can be therapeutic even, to get everything off of my mind and down on paper, organized in one consistent place… my saving grace.

Target has a wide selection of tried-and-true planners I love, and I have used Erin Condren planners as well and love hers! But this year I tried a new planner by Paper Panduh and am loving it! The soft colors, subtle graphics, pretty fonts, and weekly layout design all spoke to me. I like that there is a bit of space next to the typical lines for me to get a little creative if I have time… using stickers or having space to write more notes. I am a visual person and like to pretty things up, plus I keep all my planners for years to come, as I like to think one day I’ll be in my 80s, rocking quietly in my granny chair looking back thru all of my old planners, remembering the years of my life (& wondering how the heck I did it all some 40 years earlier)… and I’ll want the books to be pretty… so I kind of do it for my future 80 year old self too.. 😉


I take list-making to the extreme probably… just ask my husband… he LOVES getting lists from me. But I picked up this trait from my own mom and can say for certain this organizational genetic trait has definitely been passed down to my daughters… as they list out everything!… So let’s break down my list-making habit a bit further…

Daily Lists…

Each morning I start my day either at my work office desk or my home office on the weekends, with a cup of coffee and a blank piece of notepad paper to write out all my list of to-dos for the day… emails and calls I need to make, work-related tasks I have to complete, meetings I may have… all the way through to evening with kids activities, home chores… you get the drift. As the day goes along, I satisfactorally (is that a word?) cross things off…and what is not crossed off, I carry over to the next morning’s list. These daily lists keep me on task with what is priority, and helps me not forget anything major, and stay productive all day long. One word to the wise though… don’t over-list yourself, because it can feel very disappointing when you only complete half a list because what you planned to accomplish in one day would realistically take 3 days to get all done…so be practical and patient with yourself.

These pretty lists are designed by my daughters and I’s company, Kai Kai Brai – you can shop them here!

A Journal of Master Lists…

So this may seem like taking list making to the extreme but I find it really helpful to keep a journal of all my bigger project lists in one centralized notebook. I take a Journal and divide out all of these major parts of my life into ‘categories’ of sorts… so I have a few pages dedicated to each business I own and run, a few pages for family things, a few pages for home projects, etc. Then, when I think of something that needs done…. like, schedule my son’s senior pictures (cue mom’s-ugly-cry)… I write that down under the family pages… if I remember I need to call the pool company to open up the pool in the Spring, I write that under the ‘home project’ pages… that way I don’t have 3000 random things wrote down from work, to kids, to home all mixed in on one overwhelming, never-ending list, but rather strategically placed in their proper categorized lists… (Did I mention I am type-A??… moving on)…

I’ve used plain-jane college-ruled notebooks for this, and I’ve used pretty journals, or even the back notes section of my yearly planner works well too… I do find that the prettier, the better and the more apt I am to use it – kind of like when you have cute work-out clothes, it encourages you to actually want to put them on… and work out… it’s a bit of mind-trickery, but it works!

Set Tasks for Set Days

Another planning strategy that is really helpful for me, is I set certain tasks for certain days each week. For example, I do laundry on Sundays and Monday nights.. I wash my car on Fridays, I have a cleaner who comes to my home every-other Thursday, so I pre-clean my house on Wednesday nights (this… this is something I should work on…why do I pre-clean my house before a cleaner comes?… because I don’t want my cleaner to see my house dirty… everyone has their quirks) 😉 moving on… Planning for the same tasks on the same days/nights (within reason when things come up) is helpful for those of us who are creatures of habit and like schedules.. and it can lessen the burden too as you come upon things that you see needs done… like walking past a huge pile of laundry on a busy Thursday night… instead of feeling overwhelmed that I should be doing that pile of laundry right at that moment… my mind’s eye just remembers – oh, that task isn’t for me to tackle until Sunday…

Meal Planning

If there is one thing I have realized is a never-ending responsibility of mine… is that my family needs fed… like every day… multiple times a day… forever. I decided for my own sanity, to break it down in this way… Sundays is a big family brunch or dinner. Mondays – I cook a meal at home. Tuesdays – I cook another meal at home. Wednesdays – I put dinner in the crock pot in the morning so it’s ready for a busy night. Thursday is leftovers night (or very easy dinner (tomato soup & grilled cheese… cereal… let’s be real.. we all do it!) because by Thursday nights I am tired and over it! Fridays we eat out or order in, to celebrate the week!… and Saturdays are simple Saturdays (or fend-for-yourself… aka – mom’s got the day off!) Each morning before I walk out the door, I look at what I have planned for dinner that night and do any prep that needs done hours beforehand… like get meat out to unthaw, marinate, or prep the crock pot… when I get home that night, I am ready to cook!

I meal plan for 2 weeks worth of dinners and only get groceries every/other week (twice a month), with the occasional stop for bread and milk on the off-weeks… I keep my meal planning lists on my phone’s Notes page, because that’s where I also keep my running grocery list (as my phone is always on me and I remember things we need at the most random times and places.)

A Few Other Tips

Those are the key points of my daily and weekly planning tips. A few other things I do, is in January I make all the annual doctor and dentist appointments for my family for the year, book our travel destinations or at least plan for which weeks we are going to travel, and decide which house projects we are going to tackle for the year.. and then write them all down on their respective lists and in my planner… 😉 My only other recommendation is to have a “command central” space in your home… maybe that is a home office, an area of your bedroom, or a desk space in your kitchen, or even if you are tight on space, a portable canvas tote bin… some place where you can keep all the planning things of your life, together… school calendars, travel confirmations, notes, your lists, planner…

Some of this is pretty standard stuff friends, but sometimes it helps to create a system of sorts that works for you, that you can follow each day, week, and year as a guide to help yourself through life, staying organized, on track, accomplished, and well…sane.

I hope my planning tips were helpful for you! Like I said, I’d love to hear how you plan and organize your day-to-day as well… so comment on this post or feel free to message me!

Wishing you all a happy, fulfilling, beautiful year that energizes your spirit and brings peace to your soul!


My Trip to Cape Coral, FL

Hi friends, I am not sure about you, but I can not believe we are already through half of our first month of 2021! I hope the new year is treating you well and there are days of hope and happiness in your year ahead. I just got home to Michigan on Monday from our two-week vacation to Cape Coral, Florida so this last week has been busy catching up on life. Before I got too far into the new year though, I wanted to share with you about our trip to Cape Coral to celebrate the new year… It proved to be the perfect time for our family to escape to warmer weather for some rest and relaxation as we wrapped up 2020 and welcomed in 2021!

If you have never been to Cape Coral Florida, it is a beautiful area in southwest Florida near Fort Myers with over 400 miles of canals that lead to the big water, allowing for countless beautiful homes to be ‘water-front’ properties. We rented a gorgeous home via VRBO, and stayed for two full weeks, from the end of December thru the first week and a half of January. Our home was a 4 bedroom, 3 bath in a quiet neighborhood with the gorgeous canal to the back of the house, nestled among other beautiful homes in the area. Key features were the screened-in pool, outdoor living and kitchen patio area, game room, office, living, kitchen, dining, and laundry room, and came equipped with every amenity we could possibly need for our stay.

We rented two vehicles (we have quite the crew to cart around) and also a boat so we were able to enjoy traveling the endless canals, do some fishing, and take in some day trips by water to Captiva and Sanibel Island where we watched dolphins, walked the beaches, and collected sea shells.

Our home was actually located very close to the Cape Harbour Marina, Restaurants and Shops so this proved ideal to be in short walking distance to enjoy nice dinners, boutique shopping, and the festive feel of the active marina as boats came in and went. I’d definitely recommend Rumrunners there, Fathoms Restaurant, and The French Press. Cape Harbour also has two towers of condos, so if you are not looking to rent an entire home for your stay, this would be a very nice alternative to enjoy this beautiful area of Cape Coral.

Another condo rental area I would highly recommend is the Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village… this resort is gorgeous and equipped with restaurants and a spa. We enjoyed Pinchers, a lively and festive seafood dinner spot there at the Westin one evening, known for it’s fresh crab dishes… we devoured this appetizer (a whole meal literally!) to start our meal there.. everything was so delicious!

Other Restaurants besides Rumrunners, The French Press, Fathoms, and Pinchers we also dined at (or ordered in) were Duffy’s Sports Grill, Ford’s Garage, and Moretti’s Italian Grill.

I loved the location of Cape Coral, as it was far enough south that we could really embrace the warmest weather of the Florida climate, while nestled in a place that was a bit more low-key in terms of tourism, yet close enough to places like Sanibel and Captiva Islands to enjoy their beautiful waters and beaches, and also near Fort Myers’ busier, more touristy ocean-front appeal during our stay as well. Cape Coral was the perfect place for us to settle in and enjoy ‘life away from life’ for a couple of weeks, trading in our Michigan snow days for Florida’s palm trees, ocean views, and gorgeous sunsets.

Here’s a few more pictures from the home we stayed in and my family’s trip…

If you are thinking of visiting Cape Coral, or have questions on the particular home we rented…message me.. I’d be happy to give you more info, details, and insight!

I hope to share more of my 2021 travels with you on my blog this year…I already have a few more trips planned and I can’t wait! If you haven’t yet followed me on my social medias, or signed up for my newsletter…I’d love for you to do so today (links & sign-up here on my site) so we can stay in touch!

Happy Travels… & New Year, friends!

Xoxo, Jaime Lyn

Valentine’s Day Ready from Amazon

Hi friends, I hope you have had an amazing start to your New Year! I have been enjoying the first couple of weeks in sunny Florida to ring in and begin 2021 and it has been… heaven… more on that trip in a future post. Today, I wanted to share with you some Valentine’s inspiration… because now that Christmas is over, it’s time to get Valentine’s ready! Shop these sweet pieces below I selected, and more on my Amazon Store under “Valentine’s Day.”

#1 Love Pillow Covers // If you follow me, you know my love for pillow covers… such a quick, versatile and affordable way to change up decor each season or holiday using the same pillow inserts and just changing up the decorative covers… they fold up and store away so easy too!

#2 Two Hearts One Love Sign // This cutie sign is a fun way to add a touch of Valentine’s to your home.. think bathroom vanity sink, table top, or a nice little add-in for a Valentine’s gift for the love in your life.

#3 Heart Banners // So many possibilities with these cute heart banners.. 4 total in each order. Perfect for party, to doll up your coffee bar or fireplace mantle, surprise your kiddos on Valentine’s morning with a hanging in their doorway, or to add a little heartfelt spirit to a candlelit dinner night at home on the special holiday.

#4 Prelit Heart Wreath // Take down those winter holiday wreaths and jazz up your front door or an interior door with this adorable red-berry heart wreath, pre-lit and ready to go…this is a ‘top seller!’

#5 Women’s Vday Tshirt // I am ordering this adorable top for the sweet day.. compfy, cute with a leopard print old car, roses & hearts?… Sold!

#6 Valentine Gnomes // Because… why not?! Gnomes are all the rage right now and these adorable little cuties will be a welcoming site in your home.. place them on a foyer table, dessert bar, or even on a Valentine’s Day table scape.

#7 Rose Gold Tableware Set // This set is classy, does not scream Valentine’s Day and can be used for other occasions too which is why I love it… and because rose gold is my spirit color right now. This will make a pretty in pink placed table scape for Valentine’s celebrations.

#8 Heart Waffle Maker // I saved the best for last with this one… because nothing tells your loved ones you really love them, than homemade waffles on Valentine’s morning. I actually always cook up a festive breakfast every Valentine’s complete with heart shaped pancakes (& now waffles), strawberries, whipped cream, heart sprinkles, strawberry milk, and it makes for a fun tradition each year for my family.

These are just a few ideas to prepare you for sweetening up your Valentine’s Day.. you can shop more of my Amazon Valentine picks on my Shop… visit it here!

Happy New Year friends!

Jaime Lyn

Our Family Small Businesses

Happy Small Business Saturday! A day to really celebrate all of our small businesses and remind us to support these small businesses through the holiday season and into the coming year… if there was ever a year to really get behind all of these small businesses, this is the time!

Today I thought it would be fun to share a few small businesses that are near and dear to my heart… my own family’s small businesses!

First is Heirloom Grove, my ‘seed to skin’ CBD business derived from my family’s own organic farm. I create and carry a full line of Hemp CBD products from CBD bath and body, to CBD pain relief and tinctures.  You can learn more about our 3000 acre Michigan organic farm and shop my CBD products at Heirloom Grove!

Second is Kai Kai Brai, a business I own with my 3 young daughters, creating our “Tell Me Anything Shared Journals for Mom & Daughter” and full line of gift and stationary products for women and girls.  Learn more about our special business and shop our creative products at Kai Kai Brai!

And last is Country Crops Farmers Market, my 16 year old son’s farmers market business he started when he was just 12 years old and runs in our local hometown.  He was just featured on the TV show “Destination Michigan,” you can watch that HERE, he is on about the 13:40 mark.  You can also follow him on Facebook here.

If you’d like to support our small businesses, visit our websites and follow our social media accounts. If you own a small business anywhere in the US, I’d love for you to share about your business in the comments below so I and others can follow and support you!  If you are a Michigan Small business, please Email Me about what you make or sell… I am planning to feature more Michigan small businesses this coming year!

Shop Small friends today on Small Business Saturday, thru the holidays, and all new year long!

Blessings, Jaime Lyn

Farmgirl Flea Market

Hey friends, I hope you had a great weekend! This weekend was a busy one for me as it was my hubby and I’s 18th wedding Anniversary, and we had a few social events with friends going on as well. We were headed home from one of those events on Saturday morning when I realized we were really close to the Farmgirl Flea Market happening in Hudsonville, MI… a farm and flea market that’s been on my go-to list of markets to attend, but I’d never had the opportunity to visit yet… so needless to say, the timing was perfect, and my husband…well, he was thrilled! (note my sarcasm.) ;)… but seriously what a trooper, and we made a fun afternoon of it, visiting the market, enjoying yummy food truck food, iced tea and fresh squeezed lemonade, and listening to live folk music as we shopped the countless vendors…

The show is held two times a year in the Spring and Fall, at the Hudsonville fairgrounds, beginning with their VIP night on Friday from 4-8pm ($15 entry fee) and continuing the next day on Saturday from 8am-4pm (with a $5 entry fee. ) This market is rated one of the top 100 markets to attend by Flea Market Style Magazine, and has over 200 booths inside the fairground barns and around the grassy fields. The show draws hundreds of people shopping for new and vintage home decor, farmhouse finds, handmade items, boutique clothing, repurposed furniture, and more.

I took some photos to give you a peek inside their Fall market, if you weren’t able to make it this weekend, and so you can also get a little feel for what you to may expect to see at their Spring market coming up (usually in May.)

So many pretty booths and items for sale by the most creative makers and pickers!

I’m a sucker for these little campers all dolled up with boutique clothing and unique home decor… I love shopping them!

There’s was a ton of beautiful and creative Fall harvest decor for sale, and even some hints of Christmas on display too…

I think I could shop these markets every weekend. They are so relaxing and fun to stroll through as you find really unique things you won’t find in many stores.

My hubby even enjoyed himself and I think was surprised to see all the treasures (junk) he seen for sale that we have on our own farm… one person’s junk is another person’s treasure!

The next market Farmgirl Flea is sponsoring is the Christmas Countryside market held on Friday November 29 (12pm-8pm) and Saturday November 30 (9am-5pm) at Countryside Greenhouse in Allendale. There will be a $5 entry fee, with kids 12 and under FREE.

Make sure you keep an eye out for their Spring market, by following them here on their Facebook.

I hope enjoyed this post and have a chance to visit the Farmgirl Flea Market this coming Spring. Their Fall market was great and I will definitely be making the trip to visit again!

Thank you for checking out my blog today! Make sure you are following me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, AND signed up for my email list so you never miss my posts! Have a great week!

Labor Day Home Sales

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope you’re enjoying a few days of relaxation in this last weekend of summer. We opted not to travel to the lake, and instead decided to work around our farm and home for some end of summer catch-up. We’re still enjoying some pool time, grilling out each day (catch my IG stories for some yummy things I’m making!) and relaxing with some evening bonfires… so it’s still feeling like a festive weekend! I’m also planning on taking a little time today and tomorrow to shop some of the various Labor Day Sales going on now through Monday… you can always count on a sale during a national holiday, right?! So today, I thought I would share some of these great Labor Day Sales for your Home, so you can take advantage of these sweet savings as well! I hope you enjoy! (Click the Store title & photo captions below, to SHOP these Stores’ Sales and individual product items shown. )


20% off select indoor and outdoor deals & 30% off bedding & bath – Sales are online only. 


Take $10 off $25 with code LABORDAY, Valid thru 9/2. Plus, take 20% off with code POPCORN20 on 9/2 only. 

Bedding Set


Enjoy 25% off site wide, plus receive free shipping on purchases of $150 or more with code LABORDAY. Valid thru 9/4.



Take 50% off sale items, plus 20% off furniture, décor & select bedding. 
Valid thru 9/2.

Anthropologie Mirrors

PIER 1 Imports

Extra 25% off Regular AND Sale Prices thru 9/2 with code: LABORDAY

Magnolia Area Rug


Up to 65% off home decor

Accent Pillow

Here are just some of the sales going on now thru Labor Day! I hope you enjoyed this post today, and this bedroom inspiration mock up I created with some sale items from each of these featured stores. Check out each of these Stores and their entire Home Sales…. so many great items at amazing prices this weekend!

Have a Happy Labor Day friends! Enjoy your last weekend of Summer!

My Tips and Products for School Prep (& for Home & Life too!)

Happy Weekend Friends! I have been spending this weekend in full school-prep mode! I love the fresh start of a new school year and always take the weekend or two before the first day to get our lives in order and prepared for another year. We do school clothes shopping, new haircuts, catch up on doctor appointments, and prep our home as well… cleaning closets, organizing bedrooms, preparing schedules, packing bags, getting the pantry stocked with groceries… everything that helps to get the year off on the right foot, before the busyness of the school year begins to take over.

I thought it would be helpful today to share some products & tips I use for preparing my kiddos and homelife for another school year. You can shop all the below products & more that I recommend HERE on my Amazon Shop!

Organizing School Papers & Artwork

1) Take a plastic file cabinet bin, and add in some hanging file folders – then as each child brings home artwork or other important info/ papers each week, file only the papers you want to keep in these files… maybe divide them out per child, or even subdivide per activity if they are involved in multiple. This helps keep things organized when you need to find them! Then at the end of the year, purge through unnecessary papers, leaving only those you want to keep. Then label the bin with the date/year, and store away already organized in it’s little storage tub! SHOP BELOW HERE

Keeping Kiddos Healthy

2) Make sure to stock up on daily multi-vitamins, and things like disinfectant wipes, travel size kleenex’s, and tea tree shampoo and conditioners (lice prevention ya’ll), and little back pack hand sanitizers…keep those kiddos healthy this school year! SHOP BELOW HERE!

Utilize Organization Units for… Everything

3) Organize, Organize, Organize! It’s the little things that make life easier…and I totally LOVE organizational units for organizing closets, dressers, desks, makeup, bath cabinets, pantry shelves, the refrigerator… and labeling everything is helpful too! SHOP BELOW HERE!

Dinner Time Must Have’s!

4) Get out your crock pot or purchase an instant pot and use this for dinners mama’s! There is nothing that feels better than spending 10 minutes of prep time in the morning, and coming home to a nice, warm dinner, smelling so good, and so READY for you all to sit down and enjoy…or eat as you come and go on different schedules! And meal plan… seriously helps so much! SHOP BELOW HERE!

Create a Momager Hub

5) Create a “Momager Hub!” – All you mamas are Mom Managers and run your household for the most part, so create a spot in your home (maybe you have a designated room like a home office, or an area in your kitchen, or in a locker/mud room space) where you can keep calendars, schedules, notes, grocery lists, fundraiser packets, etc etc etc…for this space to serve as the go-to “control center” for all things pertaining to running your home, kids, and life. SHOP BELOW HERE!

Car Organization!

6) Organize your Car! I LIVE in my car… Every single night after work I am running kids (mine and at times a couple others too)… and my car takes a toll inside, sometimes like a bomb of book bags blew up.. I’ve found it’s so helpful to add little organizational units… a small car garbage bin, roll of little trash bags, back pack hooks behind the front seats, organizing sleeves and totes… just useful tools to help our chaotic lives on the go, seem a little less chaotic! SHOP BELOW HERE!

Weekly Clothes Prep

7) Prepare your week by pre-selecting your outfits… either hang them up on a hanger by day, or buy one of these nifty little under the bed clothes organizers.. perfect and makes your mornings a little (LOT!) less stressful!… (you won’t be searching for the school mascot shirt your child just remembered they have to wear today because it’s school spirt day…. 5 minutes before the bus arrives!) SHOP BELOW HERE!

Mama… Write it Down!

8) Buy a Planner, have list notepads stocked up, and buy some books to help you organize if this is a struggle. I write everything down..like daily lists!.. keeps me productive, on track, and remembering everything that is to be done during my day and for each of my kids’ days! SHOP BELOW HERE!

School Supply KITS

9) Make it easy on yourself and buy school supply kits! So easy and you get a lot of bang for your buck by getting all the items in one set. Another cute idea is the 1st day of school picture kits… have your kiddos hold them for memorable pictures to enjoy in years to come (and to save your sanity from trying to remember what grade/ year that picture was taken!) SHOP BELOW HERE!

Lunch & Snack Preparations

10) Organize your lunches and snacks! This is a great health tip too.. preplanning and packing your lunches and snacks ahead of time is great for nutrition and your time… I love little organized lunch totes or thermos’s which in a unique way encourages me to bring healthy food along to school or work, or to after-school activities, rather than grabbing gas station snacks or fast food on the go… it’s kind of like how cute work out clothes help entice you into working out.. most of the time. 😉 SHOP BELOW HERE!

Anyway, those are a just few of my tips I’ve found helpful in running my own home, and mothering four school aged kiddos, while working, and juggling life! I hope these tips were helpful for you and you can take advantage of some of these great products (shop them all & more Here!) that really DO make a difference, making life easier, time more efficient, and your days a lot less stressful!

My own mom (she’s my organization idol who taught me most everything I know about running a household) has a favorite saying that she’s passed down to me through the years… failing to plan, is planning to fail. And one of my favorite sayings.. there’s a place for everything and everything is in it’s place!… Combine the two, and that is my go-to school-prep/ household goals for this school year!… added in with a whole lot of love, grace, and just doing the best we can each day we’re given…

I wish you all a productive school prep time, happy and healthy homes, and all the blessings for another great school year!

Shop more of my helpful school prep/ home & life products HERE on my Jaime Lyn Life by Design Amazon Shop!

My new Amazon Shop Page

Happy Friday everyone! I can’t believe how fast this week has gone by… some weeks just seem to fly! I hope you’ve had a great one and enjoyed the beautiful weather this week. I’ve been busy the past few days getting back into the swing of things after being gone last week on a little family vaca to Lake Charlevoix in northern Michigan. We’ve spent the last two summers at this beautiful lake town, and it has quickly become a special place for my family for rest, relaxation and quality time together. (I’ll share a few pics from our stay at the end of this post…)

This week though, has been all about back to business though, and I’m really excited to share a fun, new addition here on my blog for you… my new Amazon Shop Page! I am a regular Amazon Shopper (between there, Target, small online businesses and boutique style shops, these are my main staple places to shop.)…And I wanted to provide you an at ease place to stop in and shop my favorite things from home decor, to lifestyle items, household necessities, and fashion too… so my own Amazon Shop was a great fit! All you have to do, is click this link here: Jaime Lyn Life By Design’s Amazon Shop – and then click “Follow” and you’ll be following my Amazon Shop! You will get updates from time time, when I update my shop with new products and will see all the new things I am recommending.

You can also easily locate my Shop right here from my Blog too… just click the Shop button at the top of my website, and it’s right there in the pull down menu under “Jaime Lyn’s Amazon Shop.”

I’ll be adding Harvest Home products soon, as well as some stylish Fall Fashion pieces for the upcoming season… so be on the look out for those coming to my Shop very soon!…. oh and some back to school specials too.

And… I’ll continue to post great product ideas and big sales via my Facebook page as well, so make sure you are following me there and have your follow default set to “See First” so you are sure never to miss my posts. Thank you for all of your support everyone and following my Blog…it means so much to me!

Oh… and here are a few pics I promised you of my trip to Lake Charlevoix in Northern Michigan. If you ever decide to visit there, message me and I’ll give you all the best places to eat, shop, & stay. We stayed the entire week in a beautiful condo right on the canal connecting Round Lake (which connects to Lake Charlevoix) and Lake Michigan, and I found it on VRBO.. perfect stay for us! Also you can check out a couple recent posts I recently did of some of the most adorable places to visit while you are in Charlevoix… those posts are here: Exploring Charlevoix Part 1 – That French Place & Bloom Floral Design and here: Charlevoix Part 2 – True North, The Salad Fork, and Cherry Republic…. Enjoy!

View from my condo
Evening View
My hubby & I enjoying the boat life
Lake Michigan Lighthouse
Just one of the beautiful homes on Lake Charlevoix
The food… amazing! Finally tried the Avocado Toast at The Salad Fork…
Had a little photo shoot too… this is my oldest daughter, Kaitlyn. <3
Beautiful Marinas and Boats everywhere!
It’s truly my “Happy Place”..

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend! Thank you for visiting the Blog today…and make sure you follow my Amazon Shop… I’ll give you a ton of great product ideas for your home, life, and style right there on my Shop!

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