Happy Thanksgiving! ¬†I hope you all enjoy a beautiful day today filled with family, friends, good food, and possibly a much deserved nap for all you mamas! ūüėČ ¬†I was fortunate to spend my day yesterday preparing for Thanksgiving in my own home, as I hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner of the holiday last night. ¬†I really enjoyed my day… Christmas music was on, the smell of turkey was in the air, and I felt a sense of peace and simple joy preparing our meal, setting and decorating the table, and relishing in how good it felt to just be home. ¬†Dinner ended up being wonderful and my day of effort and preparation was well worth it as everyone seemed to enjoy the meal that brought us together around the dinner table. ¬†Last weekend I shared a blog post on Thanksgiving Dinner Table Inspiration, and I thought it would be nice today on Thanksgiving to share my own Thanksgiving Dinner Table with you as well…I hope you enjoy taking a peek!

My Thanksgiving Dinner Table…

I had so much fun creating this look for an 8 person setting using pretty dishes I display in my hutch throughout the year, and creating a centerpiece with a gold embellished table runner, and trail of fall foliage, taper candles, ceramic pumpkins, green cloth napkins, and a stream of gold ribbon to dress the entire length of the table.  I think it created an elegant, inviting look for my family to enjoy our dinner together.

I enjoy having the opportunity to use the dishes and crystal glasses that decorate my hutch throughout the year¬†sometime I wonder why I don’t use them more often and I’m reminded to use the pretty dishes ya’ll! ¬†I got this set actually at TJ Maxx many years ago, and my crystal glasses as a wedding gift, and still love them as much as I did when I added them to my home.

I mainly decorated my table with pieces I already had in my home, and find that sometimes using these familiar pieces but arranging them in a new way can bring new life to a space and appreciation for the things I already have.

I like the idea of using furniture for functional purposes like a buffet for dessert, wine, tea and coffee, creating a purposeful space that can also carry on the pretty aesthetic from your table to other areas of the room.  Here I set my buffet with an apple pie and dessert wine.

I also love how a look can change a bit during different times of the day. ¬†Here, you can see how my dining table transforms a little come evening time…the lit candles added a bit of extra cozy ambiance to the setting, helping to create a warm and inviting feel for our evening dinner.

I talked in my post last weekend, about displaying the meal with a buffet… here is my buffet area adjacent to my dining room, as it is set up before dinner and after, with dinner ready to be served. ¬†I added some light decor to make the buffet feel more festive as everyone made their plates, and used serving dishes that are special to me… some as gifts from my wedding, and others that have been passed down to me from my mom and grandmothers.

I really hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my Thanksgiving Dinner Table and it’s given you some inspiration as you set your own dinner table today. ¬†Enjoy these precious moments as you set your Thanksgiving Table and prepare your meal for the ones you love… Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours <3

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