Teen Girls She Shed

Hi friends, it’s been a bit since I blogged here last but thought it would be fitting today on the first day of deer hunting season in Michigan, to share a fun project my daughters did on an old hunting fort to create their very own girls’ she shed! The fort was originally built by my son for his hunting shack, but after he decided to move his hunting spot to a different location, he gifted over his fort to his sisters… that’s all the girls needed to go to work remaking the interior to become their very own backyard girls’ oasis to escape to!

My oldest daughter Kaitlyn decorated the interior with a boho chic, bohemian style. She painted the interior paneled walls white, re-carpeted the floor and upper loft area, added in a fold-down futon sofa, writer’s desk, leather desk chair, and casual, natural accents to the walls and flat surfaces. Big brother left the girls his TV, mini fridge, space heater, and microwave so their she shed could be comfortable all year long.

The fort is situated behind our home, nestled in an open field with views of our woods. It is a quiet, serene place for the girls to do homework, read, hang out with each other and their friends, swing in the hammocks, even pop popcorn and watch movies, and make lasting memories together.

The girls love coming out to this space to relax… and I really enjoy coming out with them too, it’s such a fun place to escape to and hang out. They spent a lot of days out there this spring during their virtual school days at home during the Covid shut down… helping bring a little change of scenery to those sometimes mundane days.

The space is really cozy and has everything they need to hang out for a few hours during the day, and because it is wired with electricity, they also are able to enjoy cozy evenings too.. snuggled in together with snacks, cold drinks, and games, or movies… so much fun!

I hope you enjoyed a little peek inside the girls she shed! It’s amazing what can be done with a small space and budget, to create a special place to enjoy the simpler things in life, and to make lasting childhood memories together!

Happy Week, friends! Jaime Lyn

Farmgirl Flea Market

Hey friends, I hope you had a great weekend! This weekend was a busy one for me as it was my hubby and I’s 18th wedding Anniversary, and we had a few social events with friends going on as well. We were headed home from one of those events on Saturday morning when I realized we were really close to the Farmgirl Flea Market happening in Hudsonville, MI… a farm and flea market that’s been on my go-to list of markets to attend, but I’d never had the opportunity to visit yet… so needless to say, the timing was perfect, and my husband…well, he was thrilled! (note my sarcasm.) ;)… but seriously what a trooper, and we made a fun afternoon of it, visiting the market, enjoying yummy food truck food, iced tea and fresh squeezed lemonade, and listening to live folk music as we shopped the countless vendors…

The show is held two times a year in the Spring and Fall, at the Hudsonville fairgrounds, beginning with their VIP night on Friday from 4-8pm ($15 entry fee) and continuing the next day on Saturday from 8am-4pm (with a $5 entry fee. ) This market is rated one of the top 100 markets to attend by Flea Market Style Magazine, and has over 200 booths inside the fairground barns and around the grassy fields. The show draws hundreds of people shopping for new and vintage home decor, farmhouse finds, handmade items, boutique clothing, repurposed furniture, and more.

I took some photos to give you a peek inside their Fall market, if you weren’t able to make it this weekend, and so you can also get a little feel for what you to may expect to see at their Spring market coming up (usually in May.)

So many pretty booths and items for sale by the most creative makers and pickers!

I’m a sucker for these little campers all dolled up with boutique clothing and unique home decor… I love shopping them!

There’s was a ton of beautiful and creative Fall harvest decor for sale, and even some hints of Christmas on display too…

I think I could shop these markets every weekend. They are so relaxing and fun to stroll through as you find really unique things you won’t find in many stores.

My hubby even enjoyed himself and I think was surprised to see all the treasures (junk) he seen for sale that we have on our own farm… one person’s junk is another person’s treasure!

The next market Farmgirl Flea is sponsoring is the Christmas Countryside market held on Friday November 29 (12pm-8pm) and Saturday November 30 (9am-5pm) at Countryside Greenhouse in Allendale. There will be a $5 entry fee, with kids 12 and under FREE.

Make sure you keep an eye out for their Spring market, by following them here on their Facebook.

I hope enjoyed this post and have a chance to visit the Farmgirl Flea Market this coming Spring. Their Fall market was great and I will definitely be making the trip to visit again!

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The Found Cottage… A MUST Visit for Unique Home Decor

When I started my Blog, I wanted to make sure I shared some great places to shop for home decor with you guys, and today I’m so excited to share about a lovely shop in Hudsonville MI, near Grand Rapids called The Found Cottage.  Today they celebrated their 3rd Birthday of being open so I think it’s only fitting I posted about them today!  I’ve followed this shop on Instagram for quite some time and for months had really wanted to take a day to visit, so a couple weeks ago I finally had that chance to make the hour and a half drive from where I live in Central Michigan to see this beautiful shop for myself.. and it was so worth it!

If you are unfamiliar with The Found Cottage, it is owned by three amazing creatives, Abigail Hoppen Albers, Lisa Noe VanDyke, & Liz Marie Galvan (give them each a follow on IG ) and is filled to the brim with the most unique home decor and gift pieces; a combination of cozy cottage, farmhouse and a bit of modern mixed in, creating the most perfect ensemble of decor for a style that I think will never go out of style.  Their philosophy is to create “a collaboration of treasured and gathered items, vintage and new, merchandised together to create one eclectic cohesive boutique”….I LOVE (like, love, love, love) shopping boutiques and stores like this….small businesses, owned by creatives, filling their stores with such care and creativity!

At The Found Cottage, you will find antiques, vintage, handmade, unique finds, clothing, gifts, bath & body, greeting cards, candles, jewelry, and much more.  The three owners fill the space with carefully curated items of their own finds , and also have other vendors showcase their unique products as well.  They are open Monday – Wednesday 10-6, Thursdays 10-8, Fridays 10-6, Saturdays 10-5, and closed Sundays and located at 2460 Chicago Drive, Suite B in Hudsonville, MI.

As I’ve designed homes and decorated my own homes through the years, I have found that for me, it’s way more rewarding when I create spaces with truly unique finds… pieces that really resonate with me and I might not find in everyone else’s homes.  I find joy in the experience searching for creative treasures and enjoy the look and feel it adds to my home when I’ve filled it with things that are a bit more organic, not mass-produced, truly unique, maybe have some age and history, or was created by talented makers or artisans…these are the pieces that I really fall in love with and want to fill my home with.

And I’m not sure about you all, but I am such a sucker for pillows, clocks, signs, antiques, and anything vintage or farmhouse…. so everything in this beautiful shop spoke to me and I could seriously have spent hours shopping the store.  The building is quite large, but not too large that it didn’t feel cozy and quaint.  I really enjoyed all that was for sale, but also how it was staged and presented together, creating a cohesive look of mix-matched treasures in perfect unity.  I literally could have taken a trailer and filled it with everything I found that I loved!…but I didn’t.. but I just may next visit…  😉

My “Kai Kai Brai” daughters loved this adorable shop too…they are really growing to see the joy in  surrounding yourself with things that resonate with them in their living spaces… creating only the vibes you want to surround yourself and live with on a daily basis.

…And my husband enjoyed The Found Cottage as well 😉 … helping our girls find all their little purchases they couldn’t live without.  Visiting this shop was a fun day for all of us!

And exciting news too!… that’s not all there is to be at The Found Cottage…I was beyond excited when they announced they are expanding The Found Cottage, with The Found Cottage Mercantile…a shop that will be at the same location they are housed at now, but at the opposite end of the building, with an Antique and Vintage “booth style” shop made up of pickers from all over the country… ahhh, I can not wait to visit and see all that they have! …I’ll blog about it all once I do, so stay tuned!

If you are in the Grand Rapids area, make sure you stop into The Found Cottage and give them some love!  You can also SHOP their online store if you are out of state, and make sure you follow them on FacebookInstagram for your daily dose of “found cottage” inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my visit to The Found Cottage.  I’ll definitely be returning very soon and can’t wait to check out their new Mercantile.  A BIG Happy Birthday & Thank You to them for creating such a beautiful space to shop and bring home the most amazing home decor treasures!


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Condo Staging!




Condo Staging by Jaime Lyn Life by Design

I am excited to finally show you a new Condo I had the opportunity to design and stage in Mt. Pleasant, MI recently.  I previously did the interior design for the construction phase of this 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in West Union Condominiums, and now that this property is on the market for sale, I staged it to help potential buyers visualize the property’s total appeal.  All of the condos in this association have the same exterior look, so what makes each space unique is how each condo’s interior space is designed.  I envision this property to be the perfect space for a professional, young family, or retiree/couple who may find it appealing to live in a brand new home, with all of the exterior maintenance and amenities taken care of by the condo association.  Let me take you inside!

View my Video below for an on-site look of my Condo Project!

Read on for more Details and Photos of my Condo Staging Project…

Because this was a spec house investment property, I designed the home with a very neutral color pallet, using tans, whites, grays, wood tones, and greens for a bit of color, to appeal to many potential buyers’ tastes.  I kept with neutral flooring, paint, and countertop finishes, making it very easy for any new homeowner to incorporate their own style and existing furnishings into the space and have it still flow very nicely.  When staging this property, I continued with these neutral finishes in the furnishings and decor I selected, and even though there are is not a lot of bright colors, per say in the space, using neutral tones together with varying textures and design, can still achieve a very interesting, and aesthetically pleasing look.

I really liked this adorable dinette set when I found it, and knew it would be perfect for the condo with it’s dark wood top finish coordinating nicely with the dark maple cabinets I selected in the kitchen, and the pretty white-washed trim working nicely with the white trim and other neutral finishes I used throughout the house.  Even if your cabinets are darker in color, there are still ways to bring in that ever-popular coastal or farmhouse style into your space with these types of subtle decorative touches.

I love to dress a table especially for staged properties as it gives a sense of what dinnertime could feel like in a home.  So many of our memories are made around the dinner table and I hoped to create a sense of invitation for this feeling, with this dinette setting.  I used a festive fall motif table runner, rustic tin chargers, simple white dinner plates, and a touch of shimmer with the beaded trim napkins and leafy metallic napkin holders to create this casual, yet stylish setting.  I added in a dinner candle from Magnolia, a pretty HOME sign with the same tin and whites finishes as in the place settings, and a little green planter for color.  I always like to glam up my tables a bit with some shimmer and I think the napkins and holders achieve that nicely, offsetting the rustic chargers and simple dinnerware perfectly.

I really like how the kitchen turned out, with the unique tile backsplash being one of my favorite materials I selected in the house.  The backsplash adds rich character to the space, bringing in all of the colors I used in the condo’s color pallet in this one material finish, working nicely with the dark maple cabinets and countertops, creating an appealing backdrop for the accompanying decorative pieces accessorizing the kitchen.

One thing I like to do for kitchen counter decor or table decor, is to decorate using trays, baskets, or decorative boxes.  This helps to contain various decorative pieces in one unit, making it very user friendly to pick up and move when you are wanting to clear the space to use as a workspace.  I found this rustic box with the same dark finishes as the cabinets, and candle holders in a white washed finish to display varying heights of pretty decorative pieces, with again a pop of green plants to add in that little bit of color to accent the look nicely.

Consistency is key when wanting your space to flow and make sense from one area to the next.  I loved that this tin pumpkin basket brought out some of the grays (from the living room.. you’ll see more below), the tin chargers from the dining table, gray tones in the tile backsplash, and even the stainless steel sink, and soon-to-come stainless appliances, to create an easy flow of color and finishes.

I decorated the bar with more of the simple dinner wear, as used on the table, and used some wicker wood chargers to add a bit of color and texture on the raised bar.  This would be the perfect space for bar stools for a more casual eating area, and for additional seating for guests.

The area behind the kitchen bar, is a nice transitional space between the kitchen and living area.  I also like to leave some flexibility within a space when showing potential buyers how they could modify a space for their specific needs.  One option for this space would be to add a larger dining room table under the pendant light, by moving the oversized chair to another area of the living room.  This could also create an opportunity to add additional cabinets in the kitchen area where the current dinette set is located.  I decided I wanted to place the pendant light fixture in this area, regardless if it was to be over a table or not, because it effectively draws down more light into the space from the high cathedral ceilings.  I also think the light fixtures I selected work well with the space, as they have a nice elegant feel, while also having an old world charm adding character to the space.

My favorite piece of furniture in the condo is the buffet.  I think it is a simple, yet gorgeous solid piece of furniture and really extends that dark wood finish from the kitchen into this area of the home.  Because I opted not to do a hutch, I still wanted to add some height in this look because of the tall cathedral ceilings, so I found these amazing decorative grills from Magnolia Home that effectively added the height that I wanted, while adding a pretty decorative touch to the setup as well.  I added some tall green topiaries, a white planter shelf, more greens, and some gray and whitewashed picture frames to create a very clean, simple, balanced look to decorate this buffet and transitional space along the great room wall.  The buffet also serves as a great functional piece as well, making an ideal place to store serving and specialty dishes not used on an everyday basis.

The living area is designed with beautiful patio doors, and accent windows serving as the condo’s main focal point and giving the room it’s gorgeous natural light.  Because I used tan and beige neutrals in the wall and trim finishes, and the flooring in this space, I decided I really wanted to add in some darker color tones in the furniture to offset the room’s look a bit, and allow the furniture an opportunity to really stand out.  I decided to go with the dark gray furniture and wall art to bring in more of the gray tones I used in more subtle ways in other areas of the condo.  Gray, while still being a neutral tone, is very “in” right now, and works very well with many accent colors or seasonal decor to easily accessorize and mix up your space’s look throughout the year.

I really love this living space, and I wanted it to feel very homey and inviting when a potential buyer tours the home. The scroll pillows came with the sofa and oversized chair, however I wanted to add more of the creamy white tones in with the dark gray furniture to lighten it up some, so I added in some textured white pillows and a fun, “Family” pillow for bit of interest as well  The coffee and side tables were the perfect fit with the dark wood finish and black iron details, consistent with the dark maple cabinets and pendant light fixtures used throughout the home.

I love decorating a coffee table as much as I like staging a dining table.  As I did with my kitchen counter decor, I displayed various decorative pieces in varying heights and textures within a basket tray.   This creates a very clean look and functionally, makes it easy, again, to move as one piece when needing the coffee table for functional purposes.

I loved this oversized chair and thought it was the perfect size for the space, offering additional seating without overwhelming the living area.  I added in pretty decorative accent pillows to accentuate the chair and add to the comfortable, classy look of the living room.

Side tables are fun to decorate as well.  Lamps, candles, and picture frames are my go-to side table decorations, and I tend to use these in threes, with three decorative pieces in varying heights and textures to help set off the table without making it feel too cluttered or overwhelmed…remembering to also leave space for functional things these side tables can be used for (coffee in the morning, glass of wine in the  evening, TV remote, and a good book!)

I found these decorative shelf shadow boxes for the living room wall, and thought they would add the perfect dimension I wanted on either side of the floral artwork.  I added in a candle in the same gray tones as the furniture, a little green planter inside, and I think it created a subtle, dimensional look complimenting the art work and wall very well.

I knew I wanted a clock in the space (I’m a sucker for a good clock) and when I found this dark, rich wood clock, I knew it was perfect for my condo’s staging… the dark wood finishes, rustic look, and size fits this wall in the corner of the living room perfectly and flowed beautifully with the other finishes I used throughout the condo.  A would suggest an entertainment table to be placed below the clock as a good option, with the large wicker basket working well to attractively store extra throw pillows and a light blanket when snuggling in for the day.

I lightly staged the two full bathrooms with the same dark grays and neutrals I used in the other areas of the house, but also added in a pop of color with teal.  I love decorating with neutrals because it is very easy to add in pops of color, even seasonal colors at different times of the year, making the space very versatile when changing looks.  This pretty rug was detailed with all the colors I wanted to use and looks nice with the ceramic tile as well.  I added in some decorative towels, candles, and even the hand soap to incorporate a stylish, consistent color scheme in the space.

Normally I wouldn’t decorate two bathrooms with the same furnishings, but to keep the condo flowing with consistent styling, I staged the guest bathroom with similar looks, using a dark charcoal gray shower curtain, more of the teal accents for added interest, and the same rug as I used in the guest bathroom.

I chose not to stage the Bedrooms, as in most cases buyers will already have their own bedroom furniture they plan to bring into their new space.  However, I did add in some accent throw pillows in teal and navy and a cute rustic basket to invite guests into the master bedroom area, and give them a suggestion of color that may work for them in this area of the home.

The condo also has a full unfinished basement, built with two egress windows and plumbed for a full bathroom, so this finished 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath home could easily transition into a 4 Bedroom, 3 Full Bath home once the basement is finished.

This project was so much fun for me to work on…I hope you enjoyed seeing my finished project!  Seeing the before/after pictures can attest to how a space can be totally transformed with creative staging, showcasing a much more appealing space for a homeowner or potential buyer to visualize the property’s full potential.

Before | After

Thank you for checking out my latest staging project and blog post!  I will have more projects I am currently working on to show you very soon!

If you are interested in this property at the West Union Condominiums off Lincoln Road in Mt. Pleasant MI, it is currently on the market with Klumpp Realty.  Click the link for more information and Call: 989.828.7403 for your own personal viewing.  As with most of my real estate staging projects, all of the furnishings and decorative pieces I used in this property are available for sale as an add-on option to the condo’s sale price.  Buyers have the option to purchase the condo without staging, completely staged as shown, or with an ala cart option of choosing select items.

I also wanted you to be able to Shop some of the looks I used in my condo staging (or very similar items.) SHOP them all below (click the pics) and SHOP at Jaime Lyn’s SHOP.


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My Trip to Magnolia Market at the Silos

Jaime Lyn Life by Design at Magnolia

Hey ya’ll, I’m back in Michigan from my trip to Waco, Texas visiting Chip & Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Table and Magnolia Market at the Silos.  My husband and kids surprised me with this trip for my 40th birthday, and I’ll always remember this celebration as one of my best birthdays yet!  I enjoyed an amazing breakfast at the Magnolia Table, shopped the Magnolia Market, had lunch at the Silos’ food trucks, toured the Seed and Supply Co. gardens, and made a birthday wish over one of Joanna Gaines’ famous cupcakes from the Silos Baking Co.  It was a memorable way to ring in my 40’s and the perfect time for me to launch this new design Blog I’d been working on!  I am so excited to tell you more about my trip, and share some helpful insight, tips, and sneak peeks of Magnolia!…

Magnolia Table

Magnolia Table | Diner in Waco TX

I started out at the Magnolia Table, Chip and Joanna’s famous Diner, and it was everything I expected it to be and more!  Every. little. detail was thought out from the covered, outdoor seating area where guests can comfortably wait for their tables, to the adorable Take Away market for shopping or light snacks, to the outdoor bistro for enjoying an iced coffee while you wait…and that was all before we even went inside!  There’s so much I want to share about the Magnolia Table and their amazing food (yes the biscuits are that good!)…and because the diner is in a separate location from the Silos, I think it deserves a post all in itself, so I’ll be doing another post just on the Magnolia Table, soon!..so watch for that!  Until then, all I can say is, if you are anywhere near Waco, TX… take the time, wait the wait, and go!  The Magnolia Table is located at 2132 S. Valley Mills Dr. | Waco TX and is open Monday thru Saturday from 6:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Magnolia Table | Waco TX

Magnolia Table | Chip & Joanna Gaines Diner

Menu at Magnolia Table

Magnolia Market at the Silos

When I first arrived near the Magnolia Market at the Silos, located at 601 Webster | Waco, Texas, I could see the Silos far in the distance… you can NOT miss them, and oh the excitement I had… my husband who is a farmer himself and owns silos, granaries and elevators looked at me as if I were nuts… we have these all over the place at home and I barely acknowledge them, but here I acted like I had just seen Elvis while driving up to these larger-than-life silos!  Oh but you have to watch the show y’all to get it, right?

We arrived a little before noon on a Friday and Magnolia was busy.. but festive.  Everyone I seen there was happy!…the guests, the staff, the birds… it’s just a happy, casual, welcoming place to enjoy time!  So…let me take you inside!

Silos Baking Co.

Silos Baking Co. | Waco TX

The Silos Baking Co. is Joanna Gaines’ famous on-site bakery, located in the white building with black and white awning, at the corner of the Silos property.  The bakery is adorable.. designed with white subway tiles, exposed beams, white marble, black accents, and the most adorable chalkboard-esk signage listing the baked items for sale.  On busy days (disclaimer:  I think every day there is busy) there is a covered area outside next to the bakery, where guests can wait their turn to enter inside.  I was given a little menu card and pencil to decide what I wanted to order, so once inside there was hardly any wait.  I got the Lemon Lavender, Shiplap (of course!), Strawberries n’ Cream, and The Classic cupcakes… and oh my goodness, they were good!  Helpful Tip:  Get your cupcakes on your way out, at the end of your day, as it is HOT in Texas, and the last thing you want to do is walk around with melting cupcakes, or stop in a bit early to enjoy a pastry at 7:30 am before The Market opens at 9 am (and the bigger crowds start rolling in.)  The bakery is open Monday thru Saturday 7:30 am to 6 pm.

Silos Baking Co.

Silos Baking Co. Order Menu

Silos Baking Co.

Silos Baking Co. Cupcakes!

Enjoying the Silos Baking Co.

The Silos, The Lawn, & the Food Trucks

Silos at Magnolia

These areas of the Silos feel like a big family reunion with a community of people you don’t know, but visit with like you’ve been friends for years!  The Lawn is a huge outdoor space right in the middle of the property for kids and adults alike to play yard games, lounge around, and relax in the sun.  The Silos make the most unique backdrop, and if you come from an Ag background like we do, you can really appreciate the authenticity of how the Silos, and the elevator were untouched and left in their very original state, with the rest of the complex designed and developed around it.  Lovely!  There are picnic tables on the stage area in front of the silos, and also a large covered pavilion with fans and misters (next to the Lawn) to find shade and to cool off a bit while you enjoy an easy lunch from the many food trucks.  The Food Trucks add to the festive flare of the Silos, like a small town festival has just rolled into town for guests to enjoy pizza, hot dogs, mac n cheese, Alabama sweet tea, and popcorn (and so much more!… what I like to call, happy food!)  There’s even a Silos Baking Co. food truck with some of the bakery’s signature items, so if you don’t want to wait in the bakery’s line, that is another nice option.  We really enjoyed this festive space, and had some good old-fashioned fun!

The Magnolia Silos

The Elevator

Food Trucks at the Silos

Lawn Pavilion at Magnolia

The Seed and Supply Co. and The Gardens

Seed + Supply

This space is located in the back corner of the grounds and is so peaceful and tranquil.  The gardens are filled with flowers, herbs, and veggies, and is cared for beautifully.  I got the feeling I was taking an afternoon stroll through a friend’s personal backyard garden.  I loved the little chalkboard signs marking the various plantings, the wood planter boxes, brick paved paths, and the aroma from the plants.  We ended at the Seed and Supply Co., a little garden shed of sorts with double doors, opening up to an intimate shopping experience filled with seeds, herbs, flower canisters, garden tools, candles, gardening books, and other outdoorsy decorative pieces.  It’s a very pretty area of the Silos property and I wouldn’t miss seeing it when you go!

Magnolia Seed + Supply Co.

Magnolia Gardens

Magnolia Seed + Supply Garden Shop

The Magnolia Market

Magnolia Market

The Magnolia Market is the mecca shopping experience for Fixer Upper, and Chip and Joanna Gaines fans.  The minute you walk into The Market, it oozes the look and feel you get when you see one of their renovated Fixer Upper houses on the show…the textures, the colors, the smells, the natural and casual elements.  The Market is open Monday thru Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm, and we went on a Friday and Saturday (Saturday being much busier.)  I found candles, wreaths, florals, furniture, table linens, dishes, Jimmy Don signs (of course y’all!), and so much more!  It’s so fun to just enjoy casual shopping in the setting of this beautiful and authentic granary, with high, open-structured ceilings, shiplap lining the walls, black wrought iron accents, and natural wood displays and open trusses throughout… I really felt I had stepped into a Magnolia home showcase!  Helpful Tip:  Bring an extra suitcase for your findings…or a U-haul!  😉  Really, though… I would recommend picking up what you can easily pack for those momento pieces you want to remember buying at The Market.. candles, mugs, even a small Jimmy Don sign.. and either ship the rest home (which they offer as a service at check-out) or shop those bigger items online and have them delivered to your home (which I’ve heard is less shipping expense, but make sure that piece you want in the store is available online, otherwise buy it/ship it from the store.)

Magnolia Market at the Silos

Enjoying the beauty of the Magnolia Market

Magnolia Market

Magnolia Granary

Jimmy Don Signs at Magnolia


  • You can definitely see The Magnolia Market at the Silos in one day, but I would recommend two days, using the first day to really take it all in, and the second day, as time to go back and leisurely enjoy the parts you loved, and purchase the things you had your eyes on.
  • I was pleasantly surprised at the affordability of everything… from food to the merchandise, everything was very reasonably priced, and I felt very similar to what I would spend at a normal shopping day with my family in Michigan.
  • The staff is so super friendly and extremely helpful, and welcoming; anything you need…they are there ready to be of service!
  • I was impressed by how every.little.detail was thought out and the whole property was laid out and organized to be a welcoming place of leisure and fun… places for kids to run off energy, areas to get out of the sun, ways to get through lines quickly, and places to sit and just enjoy the scenery.  It really was a pleasant couple of days of good, wholesome, old-fashioned fun for us… kind of what the soul needs more of in our busy, fast-paced lives.

My Travel Notes

  • We flew into Dallas Fort Worth airport (straight flight from Detroit to Dallas) and rented a car… note:  the car rental place is a bus ride and a distance away, so especially for your return flight – allow at least an hour travel time for this.
  • There is parking all over the place at the Silos and even a trolley service for lots farther away.  We parked at the lot across from the Baptist Church, right next to the Silos, paying $10 – what a financial blessing Magnolia must be for this church!…wonderful!
  • We stayed at The Hotel Indigo – nice!! and only 3 blocks about from The Silos.  We had one of the best meals there too at the Brazos Bar & Bistro (if you go, I recommend you get their stuffed chicken avocado platter, their cheese platter, and for your entree, the spinach stuffed chicken…all heavenly!)  Even if you don’t stay there, it’s a great place to stop (very close to the Silos) for a nice dinner on your way home.  Location:  211 Clay Ave | Waco, TX.

Other Fun “Fixer Upper/ Magnolia” Things to Do while in Waco

The Original “Magnolia Store”:

  • Visit the original “Magnolia” Store – Joanna’s original store she had years ago, before her Fixer Upper fame, and now is their “Magnolia Warehouse Shop” – open Thursdays-Saturdays from 10am to 5pm, where they offer their last chance items & slightly damaged products at a discount.  Located at: 3801 Bosque Blvd | Waco, TX

Fixer Upper Houses:

  • Drive by some of the Fixer Upper houses from the Show…. we were able to catch these two beauties below and I knew the minute we drove by they were one of Chip & Joanna’s Fixer Upper homes.. you can just tell by their signature style:

Gorman House, Located:  Corner of 20th Street & Gorman Avenue | Waco TX

Beanstalk Bungalow, Located:  Corner of 28th Street and Gorman Avenue | Waco, TX

Laverty’s Antiques:

  • Stop by Laverty’s – The Antique Shop Joanna hits up for many of her decorative pieces she uses to stage homes.  When we dropped by, they were closed and it looks like they only re-open when they have enough merchandise to re-fill their showroom, but by the off chance they’re open, it would be fun to browse, or at least get a good photo op!  Located at: 3520 600 North 18th Street | Waco, TX.

Laverty’s Antiques

Harp Design Co:

  • Shop at Harp Design Co. – Clint Harp and his wife Kelly’s handmade wood furniture and home furnishings shop…if you watch Fixer Upper, you’ll know Clint as the craftsman who made some of Joanna’s beautiful furniture pieces she used in her Fixer Upper homes.  Clint and Kelly also have a spin-off show of their own called Wood Work, just in it’s first season on the DIY Network.  Location of Harp Design Co.:  808 N 15th Street | Waco TX

Harp Design Co.

Spice Village Collection of Shops:

  • And if you desire to do more shopping while in Waco, I suggest you visit the boutiques at Spice Village – This is a major hub for boutique shopping with over 60 boutiques under one roof.  You’ll find home decor, clothing, accessories, gifts, stationary…anything gift and boutique-esk (is that a word?), they have it!  There’s also some nice restaurants near there as well.  Location: 213 Mary Ave | Waco, TX

Spice Village | Waco TX

And that’s my wrap-up of my 40th birthday trip to Magnolia in Waco, Texas!  What a fun trip!  The designer, mom, and entrepreneur in me left Magnolia feeling so inspired and I can’t wait to visit again!  If you love this leisurely type of getaway, and are a Fixer Upper or Chip and Joanna Gaines fan like myself, I would definitely recommend going for a destination trip.  And even if you’ve never watched the show but are anywhere near the Waco, TX area for travel, make sure to take a little time to stop by the Magnolia Silos or eat at the Magnolia Diner; you won’t regret you did!

Jaime Lyn Life by Design Magnolia Silos

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Jaime Lyn Life by Design Magnolia Giveaway

I hope you enjoyed this Magnolia Post – share away, if you did!  I look forward to sharing much more interior design, lifestyle, and travel inspiration with you here at Jaime Lyn Life by Design!  Lots more to come!  Thank you so much for reading!  & to SHOP more FarmHouse styles I love, Click here!

Have a beautiful weekend, friends! ~ Jaime Lyn